Community Guidelines

Be a Good Quester

What does that look like? It looks like respecting others and treating them with kindness and patience. It looks like supporting each other and doing what one can to keep themselves and others safe. It looks like building a warm and inclusive community.

What does it not look like? Well, it certainly doesn’t look like the following…

  1. Hate Speech - Racist, Homophobic, Ableist or Sexist slurs.

  2. Unnecessarily commenting on someone’s appearance.

  3. Threats - Threatening another person with physical or sexual violence.

  4. Swearing, NSFW content, Illegal activities – We do have families who wish to enjoy or share Puzzle Quest 3 with their children. Let’s keep it clean. (Also known as adhering to the PG-13 Line.)

  5. Trolling or Combative Behaviour – This also covers responding to such attacks in a similar manner.

  6. Doxxing/Sharing the personal information of others.

  7. Posting PMs – PMs are meant to stay private. This also includes Support responses from the Support team.

  8. Callouts.

  9. Spamming.

  10. Purposefully derailing threads.

  11. Impersonating a dev or spreading false information.

  12. Unnecessary flagging of forum posts or threads.

  13. Spoilers without warnings – Spoilers are okay as long as people know that the spoilers are there. (Remember, not everyone wants to know.)

  14. Upsetting and/or provoking other forum members.

  15. Purposefully posting material that could cause harm to someone’s mental health. (Eg, no talk of suicide, no threats of self harm, no advice given on how to do either of these things, etc.)

The PG-13 Line

Sometimes there are things that are said which don’t clearly violate our pre-existing guidelines. However, there are instances where while something may not technically break a rule, it is still harmful, inappropriate or best not mentioned in polite company.

This is where the PG-13 line comes in. We want you to have fun and be able to express yourself, but if we feel that something significantly crosses this line, you may be banned. A good way to frame this is by thinking about the following:

  • Am I posting this for shock value? If so, probably best not to post it.

  • Am I trying to goad someone into an argument? If so, maybe don’t.

  • Am I comfortable with my children reading this? If not, don’t post the thing. (And if it’s very inappropriate and you would, maybe re-evaluate some of your choices. :P)

Forum Extras

  • Keep things on topic where possible. We don’t mind general chatter in relevant topics or in game chat, but if you’re discussing something personal in our forums or in-game chat might not be the best place for it. <3

  • No rage quitting the game threads. If you have feedback, there are feedback threads waiting for your input. If you are leaving the game and wish to say goodbye, thank your guildies and farewell your friends, you are welcome to do so. Thank you for playing our game and being a part of our community! We will miss you, but also wish you the best of luck in the future. :slight_smile:

No selling accounts and/or Kingdoms

No Hacking

Don’t hack the game. It really is that simple.

Our game employs many anti-cheating tools, so players can be auto-banned by our system. However, we also investigate players, and ban them if we find them cheating. If you feel that you have been fallaciously banned, please contact our support so we can investigate your account. Please remember that any decisions made after contacting support are final.

What are the consequences of breaking a rule?

The severity of a player’s behaviour will determine how long they are banned for. We don’t want to ban players and try to avoid doing so where possible. We prefer to issue warnings and give people the chance to learn from their actions. However, if someone violates our community guidelines in an extreme way they will incur a ban. The length of this ban will reflect their actions and is at our discretion.

Remember! It’s easy not to be banned - just be respectful in your dealings with others. (For examples of how to behave well, please refer to ‘How to be a Good Quester’ at the beginning of this thread.

And that’s all she wrote! We wish you good drops, epic matches, and fortuitous tidings!


Our community guidelines have been reworked and updated. Please re-familiarise yourself with them. <3