[Fixed] Getting Fallen Gear in Season 1.5 Dungeon Chests

I have received only Fallen gear in the new season 1.5 dungeon chest so far. This is gear from 1.4.

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You posted this right as I was reporting this from my own game! I experienced this in Dungeon battles, were you also completing a Dungeon?

I can confirm the Cache in the shop is dropping Lightbringer items.

I was taking my three story battles and got 1.4 items in chests. REALLY frustrating.

Can we expect the hotfix for that before next daily reset? I still have few unopened chests from the new season

The fix for this is being pushed out now.

Unfortunately, this data will not update for any chests that have yet to be opened. This means if Seasonal gear is rewarded it will still be from 1.4.

I followed this up further to understand how the chest data works, as a few players had mentioned saving their chests and as the reward pool is stored in the chest itself, with the rewards determined upon opening, any chests awarded before this fix was released will still tied to the incorrect pool (Season 1.4).


yep, I was hoping it was the wrong loot, but it was infact the wrong chest. Thanks for the quick turn around, Jeto! We appreciate you!

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