[Fixed in 1.1.1] Event Shop Fails to Update Shop Screen on Tier Purchases (Visual Bug Only)

I’ve identified a visual bug with the in-event shop screen.

Thought this was something more severe, but it is really just a visual update issue that the player can correct by backing in and out of the Event Mode.

Issue: When a player purchases a Tier in the Event Shop, the Event Shop mini-display fails to update to reflect the next Tier being offered.

However, players are NOT being shortchanged on their Tier purchases and are receiving the correct quantities of Tokens and items from Event bundles. This issue is visual only.

After purchasing Tier 1 in an event, the Event mini-shop displays the following:

The quantities in the pictured bundle are for the Tier 1 purchase.

However, opening the full shop window reveals the correct Tier 2 bundle.

After purchasing the Tier 2 bundle, the quantities in the Tier 3 bundle still reflect the Tier 1 quantities at the Tier 3 price.


However, upon leaving the Event Mode screen, and then coming back, refreshes the mini-shop to show the correct quantities for the Tier 3 bundle.


Issue is 100% duplicatable.