[Investigating] Loading Assets bug

I believe this started with the adventure “In the Summertime” - at least this is when the loading assets problem came to my attention.

Someone mentioned it here and there were several panicked posts on our discord as the first battle got stuck at loading assets and people were worried they couldn’t do the adventure. Luckily reloading the game took you straight to the battle and you could continue.

I had this happen to me twice or 3 times more since reading about the problem with in the summertime and am not sure if they were adventures/seasons/normal battles etc.

Then playing the adventure Goblin Independence the game got stuck on the loading assets screen again so I took a screenshot as it had now happened too many times and I wanted to keep a record of what was happening. The battle it happened on is circled in red.

Come today I went to start the flametree adventure and after skipping the conversation with Soulchaser I got this screen for several minutes. So once again I force closed the game and after reloading the game it sent straight to the first battle.

I am aware that sometimes it can be server connection issues but I’m not sure it is the case here as if left for several minutes the battle never starts.


Is it happening on every Adventure node or do you find just on the second one, and then the rest of the Adventure nodes load as normal?

Also, if possible, the next time you experience this loading getting stuck and needing to restart can you send through your player.log in a ticket - I can shoot that off to the devs directly and might have some more insight into why this is happening.

A little tricky to test for all nodes as after a little testing by myself I found it only happens occasionally on the first one and didn’t happen on any of the others (but my sample size of the others was too small to be sure). I also played a on steam to try to generate the error and a player.log file but it would not get stuck for me. I believe when it happened in “in the summertime” people mentioned was only the first node.

If my android phone made a player.log I’d send it through, but it doesn’t AFAIK so I can’t :wink:

I also asked around on our discord and only a few said they had this problem and those people were across several platforms. So no real help there either.

Hopefully if it keeps occurring later I can give better info for you.