[Investigating] Unable to join parties on PS5, or be joined

I’m unable to join parties on PS5, whether that be Kingdom, Friends or Public. I’ve tried all 3. Occasionally when trying to join public parties I get the ‘you are not allowed to join that party’ message which I guess is due to the leaders party settings and me not meeting the party requirements, this isn’t what I’m talking about.

The issue here is when attempting to join a party nothing happens, the loading icons pop up momentarily in the bottom right of the screen but then…nothing. Last night I spent time with another kingdom member and we attempted all 3 methods, we both sent invites and it didn’t work for either of us, neither could join each others party no matter what method we tried. There were also multiple listings for the party (generated by either of us) in the find party search. A 3rd person from the kingdom also attempted to join my public party and vice-versa. No dice.

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Would you be able to grab a video of this process and send it through in a support ticket, please?
So I can pass this along to the devs to investigate further.

Also, what is your name code? This is shown in yellow letters in the bottom of the Settings menu

Hi @Jeto . A few days later I was able to create a party which was joined by other kingdom members. I tried to join a public party today and that also worked (post Sept 19th update). This issue seems intermittent as I have experienced this issue on other occasions since my initial post, I will create a video and post it on here if it occurs again or I am able to replicate the issue reliably.

You always know when this bug is active, because they’ll be a exclamation mark on your screen from the initial invite, which you just can’t seem to get rid of. The game will momentarily show the loading gem icons like its trying to party you up and then nothing. Seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and when it doesn’t, you basically can no longer party up that day.

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Hey @KenpoKid69 , that sounds exactly correct in my experience too, kind of glad to hear someone else has experienced this and I’m not alone. I hadn’t seen any other reports of this other than people posting error codes which were popping up and were related to PSN issues. I guess it’s just a case of grabbing the video Jeto asked for and logging a support ticket when it occurs so the devs can look into it.

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I have the same issue. I’ve tried to join public party daily for ~two months. And it worked for me 3 or 4 times I believe. Sometimes it shows a message that I can’t join the party, but mostly it just shows gems and do nothing.

Ok I’ve captured a video of this occurring when attempting to join a public party. I can’t post it here though so I guess video uploads are disabled? Where do I need to send this @Jeto ?

@ZedNotZee can you please see if you can attach it to a support ticket for us? Here is a link to the form:

If you have any trouble uploading it directly to us, please upload it anywhere such as dropbox or youtube and link us and we’ll check it out there.

Thanks so much for getting the video for us.