Item relationships too intricate

If this were a full-on PC game with detailed graphics and such, then maybe it would warrant such intricate and impossible progression to find the rare and intricate items needed to upgrade my hero.
But the game is impossibly complex.
I haven’t even figured out most of the relationships of items to crafting material. It’s not worth it to do so.
The PUZZLE aspect of the game is where your RETENTION is. The story actually enhances it! So that’s a plus!
But between needing over 2h to complete daily requirements, and having such minute details between inventory items to upgrade gear from EACH INDIVIDUAL SET… I mean, come on.
Get real.
Take a good look at what you’re trying to make and realize that this is FAR too intricate, detailed, and complicated.
Even with a monthly VIP subscription to make item collection easier, it’s just too much.
The thing to realize is that there are more rewarding (less stingey) games out there that require less time out of their players.
Take “Be The King” for example. I can do my dailies in under 30 minutes and I’m VIP10 (that means I’ve spent over 10k in game).
You want that right?
Yes, you do.
How do you get that?
Listen to your players.
Stop making everything so terribly complicated. Stop making it take so long to load.
Stop making my phone get hot bc you’re trying to do too much with what should be a limited platform. The level of complexity is bordering on WoW.