Killed by Death Dive while Barrier is active

Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android

Before the 0.36 update, I believe I saw my Paladin’s barrier absorbing a death dive, but just now, I got killed.

I’ve only experienced this once, but it may take some time to hit the same scenario again.

Did you have the Terror debuff? Supposedly that halves beneficial effects including Barrier, although for a while it was bugged and didn’t actually work.

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I don’t recall seeing any active debuffs.

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It happened to me today as well. No debunks. It happened on the gold dragon. I believe the dragons spell does multiple looping damage, not all at once so the barrier blocks the initial damage and then you die to the secondary damage

Funny thing is, I spent gems to revive, and my barrier was still active, and it absorbed the next attack.