Landshark battles award reduced xp

When doing Season 2.2 story in Elite mode, Chapter III, Landshark battles award half xp (122) than the other battles (244). I have seen this for 3 landshark battles (episodes 7-9).

I got more than 300 exp. Did you have to revive?

I have only seen it in the last episodes of Elite mode Chapter 3. I didn’t pay attention before, so I don’t know if it also happens in previous battles or not. And no, I didn’t have to revive.

Perhaps your citadel has grown , will this automatically give you fewer experience points?

The problem is I get reduced xp only in certain battles against Landsharks. The rest of the battles seem to be giving xp ok.

And you always go to battle with the same hero ? And gear? If yes, than I imagine is a tech problem :thinking: