Peanuts for progress or why the game isn't fun anymore

I just can’t with this game anymore. I’ve been here from the very early days of EA. I kept saying things will get better. I kept giving the development studio the benefit of the doubt. I rolled with the punches of EA rebalancing and pushed on.

And I can’t anymore.

My build which I spent the vast majority of EA building has gotten me nowhere.

Sure I can do a level 100 dungeon still. But it takes multiple retries again. And all for what. Peanuts for ants, that’s what.

Scraps for xp. Gold, food, and ore that I’m maxed out on.
A level 100 anything shouldn’t be straight trash.

I want to play. I want to work on new builds. I want to believe this can be a great game. But the drop rates for evolve material at all levels of the game are basically non existent and I can’t keep banging my head against the proverbial wall thinking 505 will turn things around.

Call me when you actually chart a way forward for builds so I can make some badass gear and enjoy the plethora of skills and classes there are. (Oh and I guess you’ll need to fix vault space for that too)