[Re-Reported] Trarg Gloves don't give correct bonus

The Trarg Gloves are not giving the correct bonus in two ways: (1) incorrect bonus per 10 speed above 100; and (2) bonus does not update after speed boosts.

  1. Instead of getting 1.5% Crit Chance bonus per 10 speed above 100, I’m only getting 0.15% Crit Chance bonus. For example:

    • Speed of 178: I should get 1.5% * (170-100)/10= 10.5%. However, I’m only getting 1.05%
    • Speed of 241: I should get 1.5% * (240-100)/10= 21%. However, I’m only getting 2.1%

      (NOTE: The Speed is at the top of the picture, and the Crit Chance bonus is at the bottom-right of the same picture)
  2. The Crit Chance bonus does not increase when I get speed boosts, for example after matching a Big Gem and getting a speed boost from the Royal Boots. (Thanks @KenpoKid69 for catching this!)

Not only that, but when I tried them out, they only applied the critical bonus at the start of battle and despite my speed going up throughout the battle the gloves never recalculated the bonus, just kept using the default. Which I’m pretty sure is a bug, because if not…then they’re just really really bad.

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@KenpoKid69 Great catch!!! I didn’t notice that. Thank you! I’ll update my post accordingly. :smiley:

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Hi @Jeto, just wanted to check and see if this is being looked at? There’ve been so many bugs/feature requests lately that I’m not sure if this one got missed. It seemed that the similar Royal Boots error was fixed so quickly, so yeah, not sure if the Trarg Gloves got missed.

I have reported this to the team (marked the thread as reported) - I just don’t always get a chance to leave a comment when in a flurry of reporting to the team as well :sparkles:

Hi @Jeto ! It looks like part of the Trarg Gloves has been fixed in 2.3, but part is still broken. The decimal point error is fixed, which is great! However, the crit chance bonus still does not recalculate/update mid-battle after getting speed bonuses. For example, in the following pic, i start with 1.5% bonus because i started with 113 speed. However, after boosting my speed up by 11 during the battle, my crit chance bonus is still only 1.5%, even though it should be 3%

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I’ve reopened the bug report for this issue!!

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Thank you @Jeto! :blush: much appreciated!

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