[Reported] Event win streak reset without a loss

This has happened twice now. I submitted a ticket the first time, but that has been ignored since october 2022. I lost the 1000 gem reward that time too.

It just happened again. I had a 24 win streak (i bought cache 4, so 16 fights a day) the next fight i played the opponent level was very low and now my win streak is reset with no losses. My gear is good enough that i dont die and really dont even take damage. I am consistently in the undefeated ranks of events.

There really needs to be some sort of audit done on this problem. When we have to risk 1700 gems to get cache 4 and then have a game bug remove the ability to win the top rewards it is very disappointing.


@Jeto can you please look into this bug. This is the third time it has happened. It just happened again tonight during my event battles. No loss, no gear change, but the win streak reset.

I have not received a response in the two previous tickets submitted for this.

Here is proof there is a bug involved in this.
If you look at the screenshot I have a score of 45,720. Current streak shows 12 wins with 32 total played. If you do the math on a win streak of 20 and another of 12, the total score would be 45,120. So how am I able to have a score that is 600 higher than mathematically possible for any set of events that include a current streak of 12 wins?


Hey @00h00m

Sorry you’ve had this issue.
A dev has looked into this and has a potential fix (the fix hasn’t been pushed to the live game yet though, I’ll let you know once it has)

Could you let me know your ticket number and make sure your Namecode is in the ticket as well? We will follow up with you regarding compensation there.

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