The fate of Night Mask?

The mechanic change of combat system changed the special effect of Night Mask into an effect that benefit OUR ENEMY under most situations rather than help yourself. ENEMY will gain bonus from gems created, not you.

This item need a remake to make it useful again.

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Several ideas of remake/fix:

A: Gain physical resistance from each purple gem on the board
B: Gain extra critical damage bonus against enemies with debuff
C: Enlarge purple gems when taking elemental damage
D(easiest): Create purple gem if taken elemental damage last turn

Could you provide examples how it is benefiting enemies and not us?

Enemy damage you with certain damage, it create gems, happened to make a match, and it count as enemy match, not yours, HIS spell charged which may lead to danger, and possibility of skyfall cascades, etc.

Regardless of the item color it always generates purple gems. So your example applies only to enemies with purple spells. I don’t consider this as most situations.

I’m using it on my assassin and I haven’t noticed any negative impact after the changes. Yes, the described scenario can happen, but I don’t see it as somethibg that needs to change.

Every build has some downsides in certain scenarios, so I find this case perfectly normal.

I hope others will join and share how they feel about the mask bonus.

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I think the item was made with the intent of the gems being directly beneficial to the player and with this new design it and other such items need revision.

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Any item, effect, bonus, etc., creating gems at the end of a turn needs to be looked at.

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Normal or not, the devs basically rolled out a completely different game. People invested resources based on the mechanics of the previous version, and they may not have done the same for the current one. (Hello my mythic dusk hat for one example.)

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Agree - maybe just make it “At the start of your (next) turn”

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I’d like to add the Jeweled Tower to this conversation. It no longer works as it used to where the gems were added at the start of my turn. It is the only shield I have at mythic and I have upgraded it to level 48. (That’s 10 glyphs and 4x T4 relics invested)

Now it activates once the opponent has made all their moves but BEFORE the board resolves itself. If it makes a match of yellow gems when they’re created or during the board resolving itself the enemy gets the mana AND my Paladin misses out on being able to match them!

I settled on this piece of armour in my “ultimate” Paladin build and upgraded it to mythic because of the bonus it gave me. Now it no longer works as it did in AP or timer modes and is a massive liability against the gold dragon in KD or in events.