The lag is really bad!

If you want to be a big boy game, you have to have big boy servers. Lag is a huge huge issue right now. I do not know what is going on other than that none of my other games encounter this. But this game is Ultima Online beta level lag (that’s really bad)

Edit: apology for the snarky tone. it’s frustration. Lag really has become a bigger thing in 0.36, though. I’m not sure why. But adding lag to slowed down gameplay is super not fun!


Overall since 0.36, lag, disconnects, server issues have seemed to increase. I get lag/timeouts just trying to change menus, adjust difficulty of dungeons, starting matches, etc.

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Yea, the lag is really, really bad. Just now, I can’t even log in. The game just hangs just on the starting screen. This is a new occurrence, though. And the dungeon reset before the end is a big negative to the entire game.

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