Throne of Odin is Recruiting! Come get your Tacos!

Throne of Odin Kingdom is recruiting!!

We are currently looking for 1 daily player who wants to join one of the top Kingdoms in Puzzle Quest 3!
:red_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle:

Requirements :

  • 250+ crests per week (subject to change after new year)
  • Discord

Why join Throne of Odin ?

  • Here since the beginning (450k Crests to date!), we focus on maximizing benefits for everyone during early access - currently this means we are structured as two 15-person kingdoms to allow more access to Food Deal for all (see why in the link)
    Why do the Developers hate Highly Active Kingdoms at Maximum Capacity? - #18 by Sibelios
  • Ore Deal V/VI (Greater Shards; Food Deal provides sufficient access to Major Shards via Shop)
  • Active and helpful Discord; plenty of guides and suggestions for gameplay; Dynamic responses and strategies to early access changes
  • Invested daily players; 20+ Members with 50+ Citadel Levels, 12+ members with 100+ Citadel Levels
  • We have Tacos!! :taco: :taco: :taco:

Contact me via forum mail system or visit us on Discord (Throne of Odin Puzzle quest ) and leave us a message in our lobby!