[UNDER INVESTIGATION] Mana accumulated on first turn match not reporting available to cast spells

Any news here? Elite and restricted tourneys are just impossible to play, if you don’t have the right gear (from what I noticed, either Bone Ring or Dragonguard Helm) in the right colour to overcome the problem. Example, I was playing Paladin and it was either a restricted or elite tourney, I’m not sure which.

Starting board and spells:

Board after taking turns and matching gems…

Two more turns later…

Now I got my ultimate spell filled…

And voila!

A fun fact: sometimes one of the spells fills with mana, but sometimes none do, and I can’t figure out why in one battle, with the same set-up, spells, gears, etc. a given colour spell fills, and the next battle - it doesn’t.

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Looks like bug hits with specific percent of mana given vs total mana needed for spell. I had that issue with my citadel percent bonus vs 50 mana spells but it gaves me mana for 80 mana spell. But no one of 50 mana spells was growing. After i had next citadel lvl and i could increase starting mana bonus by 1 that error disappear and my 50 mana spells now get their mana back.

If you match gems such that you receive less than 49 mana, the spell will start to fill. Then you can match that color again normally to fill spell. Casting that spell then allows any bugged spells to be available to use (similarly to how you used your ultimate to “unlock” bugged spells).

Or as someone else said above, equip 1 or 2 spells that need >50 mana. Those seem to be filling normally.

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Also if you use a 75 mana spell it will fill and then if you cast, the bugged spells will fill.

A 60 mana spell is also bugged to not fill

I just got the bug with a 75 mana spell. Will try to use a 100 spell and see what happens. Looks like any spell can break if you fill it in one turn…

Encountering this bug now. I just did some testing on my assassin, because she has no mana start gear, just 1% from citadel. I am using Nightmare vision (75), Unnerving Strike (120), Channel Darkness (50) and blackjack (75).

For me, what happens is this…

Prior to making a match:
Nightmare vision - 1/75, Unnerving Strike - 1/120, Channel Dark - 0/50, and blackjack 1/75

If I make a 3 match of dark gems:
Nightmare vision - 50/75, Unnerving Strike - 50/120, Channel Dark - 49/50, and blackjack - 50/75.

If I open with a 4 match of dark gems:
Nightmare vision - 67/75, Unnerving Strike - 67/120, Channel Dark - full/castable, and blackjack 67/75.

If I open with a 5 match:
Nightmare vision - 1/75, Unnerving Strike - 83/120, Channel Dark - full/castable, and blackjack 1/75.

If I open with a 6 match:
Nightmare vision - 1/75, Unnerving Strike - 99/120, Channel Dark - full/castable, and blackjack 1/75.

Finally, if I get a 7 or more match:
Nightmare vision - 1/75, Unnerving Strike - 1/120, Channel Dark - full/castable, and blackjack 1/75.

Channel dark does not appear to get buffed by starting mana via the citadel, some other testing shows that none of the non-class spells do. (That seems like it’s own separate bug.) As such, it always fills normally and I can cast it. If I cast it, all of the “bugged spells” become castable immediately.

One last thing, while the non class spells are not getting starting mana from the citadel, they ARE getting starting mana from gear.

Huh, interesting, I barely use any class spells, maybe that’s why I was “good” But I did notice a difference in numbers. The few class spells I use are high mana, so they take forever anyways like holy avenger.

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Ya… I decided to dig into it because it only seemed to be an issue on my assassin. Like you, my other heroes don’t really use lower cost class spells.

You mentioned that your starting mana bonus is 1%. Is it possible that their calculation is just rounding down for 0.5 mana instead of rounding up for 0.75 mana?

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It’s entirely possible that someone flunked math lol. Yes! Thanks @Sibelios, I can’t test that out fully, because I think only berserker has a 50 mana class spell (warcry). But, I have dark ice which is a 75 mana non-class spell and it does get a 1 when I inspect myself. So it does appear to be creative new age rounding. :roll_eyes:

If someone could test warcry to see if class spells also round down, that would be helpful.

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Class spells also suffer from the same problem. I just tested it with a 75 mana class spell (Poison Skulls) for Necro. I had a lot of matches of green gems in that first turn, and yet the spell was still stuck at 1/75.

The solution seems to work, though, IF you don’t match enough gems to fill the spell in the first turn. But not every time and in every battle, for some reason.

As I’m talking here about PvP tourney battles, this is painful, because as a result I either lose the battles (and tourney token, and the win streak) altogether before I manage to fill the ultimate spell, or I get a minimum number of points from the battle due to the damage dealt by the opponent during the many turns it takes to fill the spells.

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Any update? Almost a week now since this post; this issue is clearly the thing most broadly affecting players right now.

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This won’t be a quick client side fix, so our devs are bundling a few fixes to it in our next bigger update. It will be a little longer wait, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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