Today's Update Patch Notes

Feels like its time to start up yet another new account to test this out.

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53 pcs gear, 12 being used, 8 grey

So 53 - 12 - 8 = 33 gears of uncommom & rare that not use

Yeah, maybe i played this game wrong in the first place

Or maybe simply too hard for me :sweat_smile:

There shouldn’t be a “wrong” way to play. That’s why it’s good I asked you those questions as it helps us see how the way you’re playing has left you with such a low Gear Score, not so you can fix it entirely by yourself (although feel free to try to change things up a bit if you find a way that helps). But so we can say ohhh there’s some people who play this way and it has this effect on their progress. So we can assess that.

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Yes, thats way i asked in this forum

I dont mind grinding, also play other game that need alot of grinding, but now with this game i hit this wall, but theres no way of grinding, because i cannot win any battle :smiley:

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You’re close to the target on this one, Kafka. To a point it is an education issue.

Framing around Anrandad’s feedback as a context point,

This problem has existed since Day 1 of Early Access. IMO, the vast majority of players (especially casual players) do not see the concept of Gear Score as important in this game.

Quoting myself from another thread from earlier this week,

The core-most problem here is that players look at the concept of level in terms of a standard RPG/JRPG. Player level generally is the most meaningful factor in whether an encounter is won or lost.

So, looking at Anrandad’s argument here, the likely source of confusion is:

Player - I’m level 30 and the game tells me that the opponents are level 30, so why is every match seemingly impossible to complete?

How the game “sees” the match - Player has a 487 Gear Score, opponents have a 770 gear score on Easy mode. Match rates as “Very Hard”, and the player will likely lose because they are vastly undergeared.

The game really does not communicate to the player that the most effective way to address difficulty issues in the game is by improving gear. There’s a early tutorial with Eveline about evolving gear with a low-level hammer, but it is too early in the game to players to realize that Eveline can convert relics to effectively ascend gear to Rare and Epic fairly cheaply.

IMO, there needs to be a higher level tutorial with that educates players about shifting relics to needed relics and upgrading relics to higher tiers to ascend gear. Also, players need to be educated that higher rarities of gear generate greater power increases than lower levels of gear, which are needed at higher encounter levels. A player might know that an Uncommon 15 weapon has a damage rating of 204 and a Rare 25 weapon has a damage rating of 744, but do they know that by the time they reach encounters in level 30-35 range, that they are balanced around a Epic 35 weapon with a damage rating of 2052 (and also need armor/resistance levels high enough to take a few hits at this damage level)?


@Lyrian thanks that’s incredibly useful feedback.
I’m so close to the project and so focused on my Gear Score I hadn’t personally considered that others might be looking more closely at the levels to base the difficulty on (that’s not to say others on the team hadn’t considered it, I’m not a designer).

I’ll definitely make sure to raise that point with the team and look into what tutorials we have around this, the timing of them and how else we’re presenting the difficulty and importance of the Gear Score throughout the game.

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updated earlier comment with some specific changes not outlined in the patch notes:

Will continue to update.

Please post your “new account”, level 30, nearly 1k gear score setup. Thanks.

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Will get back to you on these over the next couple of days if I can, sorry for the wait.

Here’s my Gear:


I’m not really happy with having so much red Gear on a Necromancer so I’ll probably work on fixing that MUCH later if I continue with this account (I do plan to start a new account and I’m not very good at maintaining 2 accounts at the same time).

I definitely used Eveline to get the Relics I needed. I don’t play every day but when I do I refresh the Daily Deals 1-2 times to make sure I get the most shards I need.

The only things I would consider as messing up my progress to make it not as “authentic” would be the gift mail everyone got for the last update or 2 with all the free shards and stuff in them. Which is another reason I want to start the account again.


I certainly think that with the changes over the last few updates that introduced more shard options through skirmish chests, rewards for playthrough, and obtainable through marks, that has helped significantly to be able to allow for more obtainable scores. I will spend some time following in the “new” footsteps and see what I can achieve by March 1.

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Yes, I have to say I found it much more difficult on my first account where I was playing Berserker. I haven’t hit a wall yet on this level 30 Necromancer on the new account yet, except I am only just starting to get close to be able to beat a hard skirmish (I’m so close!). Currently in Chapter VIII.

My next account I’ll probably play a Shaman (I just do 1 Hero per account on these new accounts so I don’t have the high level Gear from the main Hero affecting my “new” player experience)

Agree with Lyrian, i rarely use eveline

This is term i found in this game, in spawn of about a month playing:

Gear, spell, rune, relics, follower, kingdom, minions, gold, gem, honor, mark, parties

Honestly, i need more time, to understand what i should do to each of those terms to progress on the game

Question: i see that we can play 3 heroes, should we play all 3, I think the resources we earn from each hero are interconnected right?

Aaah, i just read this

Maybe i have such low gear value, apart that i havent use eveline, that because i only play one character

On a whim, I checked the Google Play store. The app store is reporting to me that I am not playing the previous Early Access version of the game, but rather a current beta test version of the app.

Might this be part of the problem on why the update is not appearing for download in the app store?

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Mine says Early Access, also can’t update.

Currently still discussing potential solutions, pros and cons etc. with the team. Got a time difference between team members so it’s taking a bit longer.

I’m hoping to have news for you all about the update for US players tomorrow as it’s currently 6:17pm here in Melbourne Australia.

Sorry for the hold up.

To be clear, an experienced and knowledgeable veteran player of the game hasn’t even met the target gear score for a given level…

…but the expectation is that new players will? And not get frustrated long before and give up instead?

Gear, spell, rune, relics, follower, kingdom, minions, gold, gem, honor, mark, parties

I’ll take a crack at each of these:

Gear: the armor and weapon worn and wielded, used by a player character (PC) to compete in matches. These are valued by their rarity, gray/green/blue/purple/gold/red or common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary/mythic. All gear starts at level 1, and can be leveled by spending gear-specific shards and gold. At level plateaus (5/15/25/35/45), the upgrade cost is increased, called evolving, using other obtained resources (relics, scrolls, runes etc.). Upon evolving, the gear’s rarity is also upgraded (e.g. a gray piece of gear becomes green after evolving post-level 5). The higher the level, the higher the boosts to stats, and the higher the rarity, the more additional boosts and abilities are provided.

Spells: abilities used for damage, healing or utility within a game. Characters can have up to 4 spells wielded at a time. Spells are aligned with a gem color, and general abilities thematically pair to the color (red = fire/direct damage, green = poison/damage over time etc.) and the class of the character playing. Certain spells are character class-specific.

Minions: utility non-player characters, primarily used to open chests with a time component. The higher level/rarity the minion, the faster it can open a chest, recover from its efforts, and grant a key to instantly open a chest. Also used as a secondary spell of sorts in PvP combat.

Runes/relics/glyphs/scrolls/crystals: resources used to evolve gear, minions and spells. These are earned as rewards from combat or quests, or can be purchased in the store. We can call them “leveling items” collectively.

Follower: NPCs that “join” a PC as the PC progresses through PQ3’s story. Each follower provides an ability or craft capability to the PC. Followers also have levels and rarity just like gear and spells, with leveling costing gold and crystals.

Gold/gems/honor/marks/crowns: currency used to buy gear, spells, minions or leveling items. Some currencies are obtained from combat or quests, or can be purchased with real money. Crowns specifically can only be purchased with real money.

Parties: groups of PCs who adventure together. I’ve literally never used this, so can’t go into detail, but the idea is to group up with friends or randos to fight battles together and gain an XP boost.

I think that covers all those basics. I will say that this is all well explained within PQ3’s help functions, but there’s a ton of reading. Further, not all the currencies and leveling items are easily or regularly obtained, leading to grinding/timesinks in leveling gear, spells and minions.

I am a huge fan of PQ1 on pc, I remember i used to farm gold by moving back & forth citadels. :grin:

I read and am horrified by the realization of what the game is slipping into. Why don’t they publish a list of changes forever, it’s a mockery when players themselves are looking for changes. It’s good that the VIP is over, now you can only play f2p.

Thank you for your work, this is valuable information, I have no updates yet.

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