Auri upgrade material

hi first i wanted to say its a great game with a good story so thanks . secondly how do you get the upgrade metiral for auri the dragon is the only way to pay of so that is very poor as you sell stuff for gold at other the 10,000 limit I would like you to be able to earn it if possible

You’ll get upgrade materials as you keep playing the story. If I remember correctly, Auri’s first crystal drops in chapter 5

For most followers the first upgrade crystal is available as a side quest in the next chapter. Auri is however an exception to this. While she joins you around chapter 5, Auri’s first crystal is not available until chapter 10 side quest. The others are in Ch 13 and 15.

Fortunately you only need 1 to advance from Common to Uncommon which for Auri means doubling your gold storage, but it is a painful period to push through all those chapters with only 10,000 gold cap.

Don’t worry too much about gold though as it is an infinite resource. Later on you will be able to do dungeons that payout a few thousand gold per battle and still hit the cap when it is 30, 40 or 50k. You may be able to use some levelling up your followers (always worthwhile), upgrading some gear, or empower a few dungeons for some extra shards - may not be much but better than bouncing off a gold cap and any extra being wasted.