Class & Gear Imbalances on Kingdom Defense

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Currently, due to the boss immunity to debuffs, a few classes and equipment pieces - builds that were standard & optimized for every other content, are rendered entirely ineffective vs the new bosses (not just worse, but entirely non-functional).

A few examples:

  • Shamans took it by far the hardest, since they are heavily based on a few class mechanics: poison and juju + scaling juju damage - all of which the bosses are immune to. Also Serpentine Belt & Shoulders are useless vs the bosses, since they can’t be poisoned and if they can’t be poisoned, you can’t generate mana.
  • Assassins and Paladins got hit but less so for Jeweled Gauntlets, since the boss can’t be blinded - ergo no damage buff from it.
  • Equipment & sets based on burn;
  • etc.

This renders classes & equipment based on self buffs, as opposed to debuffs or scaling damage, far more powerful in a very low turn count content, thus adding severe imbalance between classes & forcing players to use specific classes instead of the ones they enjoy most.

:exclamation: Suggestions for a “simple to implement” improvement:

:grey_exclamation: Kingdom Dragons are immune to Stun, Mana Drain, Burn and Freeze. Rest of Debuffs work as normal.

– Hex and Blind are useful but less of a problem - since the 3rd spell cast is an inevitable death anyway. Also allows for lower powered players to extend the fights a bit longer - even if for far less damage. Kingdoms with early access players are putting players that started later completely unable to achieve Silver & Gold rewards, since the dragon will soon one-shot lower players, leaving Dragon Defense a not-so-fun-for-all when the Kingdom has large power differences. This actually helps.

:grey_exclamation: Kingdom Dragons passive becomes: “Debuffs have no effect. Immune to Mana Drain.” - instead of immunity.

That means they still get the debuff - including stun for the Steam gauntlets - it just has no effect. So several equipments and sets still work without the debuffs kicking in. It keeps the imbalance between classes, but it at least does not render entire mechanics useless.

Hope it helps!


They need to moderate debuffs rather than eliminating them.


This is the 1st week for Kingdom Boss event. Lets see if they change it up next week or not.

Spirit Dragons have no armor, resistances, and no block stat.

Current meta for kingdom defenses is high crit skull builds, with fast skull generation. The dragon can’t reduce incoming skull damage.

Outside of blind on the first spell of the Light Dragon, the other 4 debuffs have no effect on skull damage.

The situation looks real good for skull build Necromancers, Berserkers, and Mercenaries that can generate high crit rates on skull matches.


Jumping in to agree here—kingdom defense significantly punishes certain classes. Will this be adjusted? If not, can the devs provide a rationale for hamstringing/neutering certain classes?

Can this be looked at? I don’t mind if the 25% damage increase of poison, or my ult, or… is not working, but a lot of my build is useless if the effect can’t land. And the different classes are hit very unevenly with this, and thats a pitty. Many items/sets are made useless.
So can’t it just be poisoned, burned, blinded etc but with no effect? Would even out the playing field.
So “Debuffs have no effect” instead of immunity. Thanks!


I think the dragon should be immune to stun and that burning should have less of an effect specifically to the dragon because of the collossal hp. Other than that, debuffs should land with the caveat that the dragon can quickly get rid of the debuffs with every turn.

This way, the classes that rely on debuffs arent useless for this fight.

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I like this idea but there is one problem–it takes care of the mana generation part but does not address the disparity in potential dmg output. The current system penalizes classes that use debuffs.