Looking for a kingdom

I would like to join an active kingdom. I play every day and I do my bounties every day. Level 13 currently.

Invite code: Vangor the Hated_AJAY

Hi there! Are you looking for an active everyday player to join your kingdom? Are you tired of having to kick people who dont meet minimum reqs? Well I have the answer for you!

Step right up and claim your newest guildmate! You won’t regret it, I guarantee!

What I require:

Kingdom with minimum Crest requirement of at least 400.

Leadership that enforces the minimum requirements.

What I offer:

Active everyday player.

At least 400 crests per week.

Fun member with a sense of humor!

Here are my stats.

And my crests this week so far. (And btw, I joined mid week…)


If interested, please PM me and we will talk about it!


Invite sent. Let me know if you do not receive.

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