May Adventure Calendar

Adventures are back!

Can you believe it’s May already! Here is a look at the Adventures this month.

  • Wizards Circle - 6th - 7th
  • The Deep Mines - 8th - 10th
  • Rune Hunters - 11th - 14th
  • Adventure Calling - 15th - 19th
  • Gong Sushi Surprise - 20th - 22nd
  • The Heat is On - 21st - 25th
  • To Your Doom - 25th - 29th
  • The Saviors Footsteps - 30th - 5th of June

Season 2.0 will be coming to an end on the 16th of May, with the new 2.1 Season: The Necrotic Tomes in June! But in the meantime, here is a sneaky art tease…

Keep your eyes peeled for more about 2.1 soon!

Note from me: The last piece of the Dragonking set will be in an Adventure after 2.1 releases


Having adventures back is really great, it would be great if we could always have an active adventure as we do now.


glad to see adventure back again.
wondering when may community update will come.