New Kingdom, Dawn Isle Come Join and defend together

Welcome to Dawn Isle Just emerged out of the mists
Aims to be a Socail Kingdom. Seeking Active Heros. A 10 crest weekly Minimum, no Citadal requirement.
Time Zone New Zealand +12 GMT
Looking for players who wish not only to be active, however that are also seeking to be socially active, via Kingdomm chat
No Discord ( will employ if Kingdom Citizens wish)
Whats app group available if prefered.
Together we defend against all threats.
Come rally all races welcome.

Parchment just arrived from scouts. Spirit of Venom spotted of the North Coast of Dawns Isle.
While Valiant Brave Heros, have defeated many attacking Dragon spirts over the past twelve days. The Isle that sees dawns light first, still seeks true heros of Valor to help defend the coastlines of Dawns Isle.
Will you fall to Mounatin Gaints, Trolls, and the unknowen beasts of the sea’s in your quest to Dawns Isle? Or will your Quest to Dawns Isle meet with success?