[Not a bug] Season dungeon battles don't pre-show correct enemies

When going to the battles tab of any season past or current and clicking on the ? to show the enemies you are going to face:
Skirmish: Shows 1 enemy, which is what you face off against.
Dungeon: Shows 5 enemies even though dungeons now only have 3, in the one test I did you actually face off against the last 3 shown. The mini boss was first, then the next and then the Boss.

Hey @shmaunpq

From what I can see this has been resolved already in 1.5.5 but I’m just looking into this further before I confirm.

Still not fixed. I can’t check season 1.5 as I don’t have it unlocked but 1.1 - 1.4 and also 2.0 all show 5 enemies when clicking the ? for the dungeon battles.

Followed this up again, and the ‘?’ is intended to show a list of enemies you could fight against as opposed to the exact enemies.

I also thought this was a bug, but have passed on the feedback to the team that it’s expecting clicking the ‘?’ would show the exact enemies, as it does in other parts of the game.

Looks like in 2.1 it will display something similar to the following, to help clear any confusion about which opponents you will face against


Again, this may not be final for how it will look once 2.1 is released.