[REPORTED] Minor - missing description

When you complete chapter 13 and are awarded Elyra, under her portrait, all it says is [MERCHANT_DESC]

Platform, device and operation system
Eg, Android, Samsung Galazy s8, Nougat

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
If you are on a console device please feel free to take a photo using another device. Where possible, a video helps us best. Try uploading it to Youtube privately.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?

Steps to make it happen again
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house.


Is anyone else experienced this?

What type of internet connection do you have (3G/4G/Wifi)?

Is it still there after the game has been reinstalled? (You can link your account befoer doing so :slight_smile:

I was on either 5g or Wi-Fi. Her description now exists in the tavern. I believe it always did. It was only when I was awarded her at the end of chapter 13, on the rewards page, that I couldn’t see her description.

I have a secondary character working through the story, but she’s weeks away from getting to the end of chapter 13. I’ll try to double check whenever I get there.

AFAIK this happens for everybody and has already been reported with screenshot here.