[Reported] Multiple spells using the exact same icons sucks

There are multiple blue spells that all use the same icons. With the new inventory interface, this is now a really huge annoyance as we can no longer see spell names and need to rely purely on the icons.

There are 12 different spells here, but only 10 different icons. Please fix this. While you’re at it, the color difference between rare and uncommon is almost impossible to see (can you spot the uncommon spell in the above image?), This too, needs to be fixed with the current setup. So much hidden information that used to be visible. :cry:


I was aware of the two spells with the helmet icon. I was not aware there were two spells that used the ray of light icon. I’ve possibly deleted unique spells because of this.

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See i knew about the ray of light and not the helmet one. I have a feeling i have deleted a non duplicate

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Currently aware that Ray of Frost and Cold Snap use the same spell icon and have passed this onto the team to look into changing.

I’ve grabbed this report for Ice Armor and currently going through the spell icons with the team to investigate if any others are linked to the wrong image!

Jeto - Support Human :mage: