Seasonal Hard / Elite Mode Extension

So when I see the current system for Seasons, I’m not surprised on a regular basis that so many players don’t feel like playing every current season (don’t even need to research it, because for most the lore is secondary to their preferred challenge).

Many players don’t even have the opportunity to properly familiarize themselves with the higher difficulty Hard and Elite modes when they are released in the last 2 weeks before the season ends - absolutely counterproductive.

Here’s something to think about:

1st week: opening chapter 1

2nd week: opening chapter 2 / start hard mode chapter 1

3rd week: opening chapter 3 / start hard mode chapter 2 / start elite mode chapter 1

4th week: start hard mode chapter 3 / start Elite mode chapter 2

5th week: start Elite mode chapter 3

6th-8th week: chance for all players to get more familiar with the higher difficulty levels plus the chance to gain additional bonuses for one week longer



Good idea, two weeks for the easiest part is way too much.


I personally don’t mind the story being spread out but I have wished that it wasn’t such a rush at the end of the season to do the hard and elite modes. I like this idea for getting access to the elite and hard mode earlier.