Suggestion: Add a Kingdom Discussion section to the Forum

Hi Salty and team,

I’m writing to ask if a Kingdom Discussion section could be added to the forums? Perhaps the Recruiting section could be updated to “Kingdoms: Recruiting and Discussion”

With our Kingdom Knights Radiant being around a month old now, I recently wrote a State of the Kingdom address. It would be helpful to post this in a forum rather than kingdom chat, which doesn’t have a long history.

I know many suggest Discord, but some in our Kingdom aren’t familiar with it.



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I will do it straight away, great suggestion. (We already had a Recruiting Section, so I’ve made this more obviously for Kingdoms.)

Awesome! Thanks so much @Salty ! This will be really helpful.

Two additional requests:

  1. Could the web address be shortened to simply “kingdoms” at the end, instead of the long current address? I want to post it on our in-game Kingdom “Announcement” board.

Address: Kingdoms: Recruiting and Discussion - Puzzle Quest 3 Community

  1. The “about” information when you first click on Kingdoms: Recruiting and Discussion only references for recruiting purposes