Update 0.35 - Google Play Early Access (Patch notes)

I got a Ghoul’s Hand. It is my precious, I call him George.

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The removal of wooden keys and gems from side quests was such a greedy move. Yeah we get that you want people to spend money to buy gems, but taking away wooden keys too is hilarious.

In the first place, none of these changes should have been rolled out before the new 1.36 game mode. You can’t just make a bunch of massive changes that halt every player’s end game progress and tell them that it’ll make sense in a yet to be scheduled later update. Just roll out the changes together in the only sane and logical way.

And the way a massive number of players got screwed by the completely arbitrary decision of whether or not they already did sidequests just sums up how random and poorly thought out these updates have been implemented. I’m sure the intentions are generally good, but the implementation has been nothing short of disastrous.

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Has anyone gotten a relic, glyph, or crystal from a non-salvage level 100 chest yet?

10 days of diamonds, slightly over 100 level 100s opened, and still none of the new resources.

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Absolutely zero and I have opened a mix of lvl 65, 70 and 100 dungeon chests. I have opened roughly 150 or so chests between diamond, ruby and gold and nothing in any of them at this point.

I have almost completely given up trying for even a single relic at the moment.

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I have got a Gobroot from a Level 100 Skirmish (Ticket) Ruby Chest

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Can you please describe what you mean by "looping " ?

Hey Jose,
Looping generally refers to when a spell or combinations of spells allows for the casting (and recasting) of the range of spell (thereby keeping the turn) until the enemy is defeated
So for example the “Channel” spells are a decent corner stone of this tactic - Create gems and either get a row (=stun) or setup other casts that do damage and/or create gems
+There are some pieces of gear/equipment in the game that grant mana bonuses (e.g. get 5+ matches and get bonus to mana) that help feed this cycle
So as above, the plan is to cast a few spell and then either Stun or keep cycling (the low cost) spells until you get a stun or a kill (or get the opponent low enough that the color match is enough to defeat the enemy) and try again

Hope that answers your question and helps

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Interestingly, also not a chest for a “dungeon completion”. The search continues! :rofl:

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Thank you, Mythos. Since you answered in detail, for my next doubt I’ll not start a post and just ask you. Lol
How does a pet help in PvP. Do we have to “do” something or is it auto. Some said only defensive help. But if a pet gives " 500 damage" , how and when ?

Hi Jose,
Just paying it forward for all the help I got (and am still getting) as I learn a bit about the game

What I understand about Minions in PvP is that they offer a passive small bonus to power and vitality and when on defense they provide the Spells that your Hero can cast. (Keep in mind this is all done by the system when someone attacks you - you don’t have to do anything, or even know it’s happening)
I think the order you equip the minions matters - first minion is the first spell your hero would get charged up

Perhaps someone else can confirm or add to this?

Correct: first minion equipped is a boost to power, the second minion equipped is a boost to vitality. The boosts are 0.1% per minion level (e.g. a minion at level 10 gives 1% boost).


Thank you , thank you.