Update 0.35 - Google Play Early Access (Patch notes)

WOW! I am honestly blown away by the scope and detail of this update. Yes indeed, the patch notes are beautiful as well :heart:

Incredible work PQ3 dev team. You have really kept up with the huge amount of feedback we have been communicating.


Will be sure to direct my Kingdom to update and participate in testing.

Can’t wait for the PQ3 Livestream! Do you have an estimate for when that might be?

Gong still isn’t fixed. No on day tokens were given for the ascension.

I did have 0 battles left in all 3 tournaments, so maybe it only works if the person hasn’t touched PvP that day, but that doesn’t really solve the problem at all.

I HATE this change. There are so many issues with gear, spells, etc. that aren’t working properly that this restriction is too much right now.

Why? I learned from my first hero that by doing the side quests, I will have reached level 50 before finishing chapter 15 thus wasting all the XP I earned between reaching level 50 and finishing chapter 15.

An overwhelming and amazing array of changes. Excellent work from the team.

We’ll have to see how these improvements pan out.

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Haven’t been able to get the exact math as it is rather hard to keep track of that many battles, but down around 350 side quests, which is 350 wooden keys and 8,750 gems. A lot of people are likely down even more than that.

If this is intended, feels really weird to punish everyone who didn’t bother to do all the side quests prior. People who did got all the previous resources AND the new resources. Now anyone who does it just gets the new resources and loses all the old resources.

The average player is losing around 10,000 gems and enough wooden chests to get at least one level 45 in every resources type.

It really encourages never buying gems for the game if just going to do patches that wipe 10,000s of gems from the economy with no warning.


Because under the new crystal system, followers can’t be ascended at all unless you do their side quests.

There was no reason to implement that change, wasting XP is a huge issue for me. That’s why i intentionally have not completed side quests with my other heros. And now, based on Tacet’s post above yours, if intentional, I’ll have lost quite a bit of resources by not having done them.

@Cyrup @Salty

Can either of you confirm if this is intentional?

Agreed, I tested this as well, no additional tokens on upgrading Gong

Can confirm. All you get for completing a follower’s sidequest for a given chapter is a single unit of that follower’s ascension currency. All previous rewards from completing sidequests in 0.34 have been removed from the game.

Doing the side quests on all five hero classes are the only realistic way to gain the ascension currency needed for followers, as that is the only currently way to gain enough currency for the higher tier ascensions (and only for the early game ones, at that).

I don’t even want to know how much xp I’ve wasted at this point. Easily tens of thousands of xp, for sure.

New changes are a gut punch for players who did not take advantage of the looping flaw to unlock the citadel. Although it might be somewhat easier to level individual things, ascending them is now a literal nightmare. And now that the soft-cap on leveling things (pre-glyph) has been reduced from 40 to 35, I’m left wondering:

Is it even possible to reliably clear level 50 dungeons when locked to maximum level 35 gear/spells without using a stunlock exploit?

Max difficulty dungeons are still possible with level 1 rares without ever stunning a single time, even in version 0.35. Always has been. Never hasn’t been.

This is exactly why I don’t like that spells are class specific. I completed chapter 15 without the bone ring or the stun lock, I managed to find 4 spells that worked for my Assassin, 2 of which did not belong to that class.

Thank you for the detailed explanation of the side quests change.

Or looping. I’m sure the devs are taking notes on which combinations are still possible to pull off in 0.35 and will adjust accordingly.

It only requires staggering Paladin’s special gems and a turn 1 survive.

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This was an impressive update.

I still find myself with the same issues, I have to clean up before I can actually start playing, then that’s dependent on chest slots. I’m so tired of doing that!

I’m uninstalling the game, it’s become more work than fun.

Max difficulty dungeons are still possible with level 1 rares without ever stunning a single time, even in version 0.35. Always has been. Never hasn’t been.

Is/was this true for all classes and spell colors?

It only requires staggering Paladin’s special gems and a turn 1 survive

Or does this mean it was only possible with Paladin?

Anyone realized yet that buying extra daily bounties was badly phrased in the patch notes?
They mentioned ‘has been increased to 25 gems’ which could let us believe that it was a typo and the cost was actually reduced.
Looks like in reality they are now having a 25 gems increment. First deal you have to pay 25 gems then 50 then 75 then 100. I’ve gone up to 125 so I assume it keeps going up.

With a completely unrealistic, unattainable battle pass system as it was, this makes it even harder. It’s also another toll on kingdoms crest participation :frowning:

With the radio silence around sidequest gems and keys, this increase, the shop showing a lot more gem offers and still no new ways to acquire gems past 5 questlines and tourneys, looks like the goal is to deplete gems stash as fast as possible?


My ~1 week feedback:

Extra Chest for Free: Great. Useful from early game to end game for everybody.

Follower leveling: I was pretty far along, and I’m slightly further along max rarity wise than if it was the old system. I would have been limited by glyphs. So from glyphs to follower crystals, I see as comparable, though you do lose out on choice of which follower to upgrade if you were targeting something specific.

Gear/upgrading: I read the primary way of obtaining relics would be TBD, so I didn’t have any expectations for finding relics, so I’m not disappointed. Guess that wasn’t as clear to some other folks, so I see some kerfuffle up above. That said, with my play time, even the old system only potentially upgrade 1 weapon/armor/accessory past rare after 2 months of playing, so it isn’t slower per se. Expectant of some additional info on when we can get these, as, yeah, gear progression is essentially halted.

Food/Ore Increase: Cool, followers get leveled faster. Feel like I can use all the crafters now, or buy a bunch of kingdom deals. Do think the use for food will quickly shift to only kingdom deals.

Shop: I can’t use my gold anymore. I was previously blowing gold everyday, now my golds staying up there. Too penny (gem) pinching to refresh the daily deal at increasing cost. Funny enough, I previously refresh even at previous the 75 cost, but I could be guaranteed to get 4 items I could purchase with gold, so that made sense.

Glyphs: Uhh, I had 2. I was gonna blow them on Eveline and Northelm to Legendary. Previously too far from going to use them. Still too far from needing them.

Dungeon Difficulty: Like ability to go back to easy mode. Can help farming for spells/gear if not capable at lv50. Smooths out progression/difficulty curve.

Spell limiting: Reasonable, makes classes more distinct, rather than same setup and gear on different characters.


I’m the Master of the Kerfuffle. :crazy_face:


My 1 week feedback. I haven’t noticed the 0.35 patch yet due to 0 glyphs, relics, nor crystals. XD

9 chest slots, VIP active, 100s of keys used, 100s of things salvaged.

Rumor is they exist. Can hopefully have my first 1/4 drop before 0.36.

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