0.34 Update - Google Play Early Access (Patch notes)

PQ3 - Known issues & patch notes

Ahoy adventures! A new day dawns on Etheria with an update to the game available for those on Google Play Early Access. Install the latest update to see the main changes listed below & important issues fixed.

Update version 0.34


  • Cloud Saves are now possible within the game. Link your account in the Settings to Register it and save a copy to our servers if you need to retrieve or back it up later
  • New menu interface shows the status of the server within the game
  • Selecting a locked feature icon shows how to unlock or achieve the feature
  • Added new articles to the in-game “?” menu based on where the help icon is selected in-game
  • In-game mail will now expire after 28 days rather than 24 hours
  • Enhanced the Jewelled Orb, changing the special effects to improve the whispiness and 3D shape, and fixed an issue where the Orb appeared as a flat shape without a glow

Bug fixes

Critical issues:

We have fixed critical issues where:

  • Soft lock when rejoining the game and Retreat from a battle and the Daily Reset message comes up
  • Battles did not complete correctly: the enemy appears to have fallen but the game remains unresolved and doesn’t continue to the victory screen
  • Quest markers and progress would not clear or update correctly when switching between quest and chapter sections
  • The Hero’s Mana was failing to regenerate during a battle
  • Rejoining the battle would reset the Enemy’s Life, Armor, and Resistance
  • Stun will now reset its duration rather than adding

Other issues:

  • Stats on the main menu in the Tavern display the wrong active Bounties
  • Xione is able to craft spells that can’t be used
  • Battle information/details can load in the Story when a chapter is started without a weapon equipped
  • A server Error when browsing daily deals in the store tab
  • Griffon casting the ‘Barrier’ Spell Triggers a server Error
  • Runic Gauntlets Armor had a Passive which is giving too much Crit Damage - The amount has been reduced
  • The Staff weapon appears to remain in the battle and the cloth on the Arkliche Enemy did not move
  • ‘Warlord’s Mask’ rare ice elemental gear passive ability fails to upgrade a big gem by 1 at the start of my turn
  • ‘Firewalker’s Necklace’ rare ice elemental gear passive ability fails to upgrade 1 size larger when creating big red gems

Server fixes:
These issues have been fixed on the server during the last update.

  • The game failed to connect on the loading screen from Approximately 12 am - 5 am AEST. This issue was resolved at 6 am AEST on the 25th of March
  • Server issues occurring between march 25th - 29th have been resolved with other measures implemented to help prevent them from occuring again
  • Fix to issue where Dwarven Hammer was stunning enemies for indefinite turns, instead of only once

where were you when you heard stunlock was kill

i was sat at home killing rats when phone ring

‘stun is die’


and you? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???

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I hope I can get some clarification about stun fix.

Does it means “inflict stun when enemy is stunning overwrite it’s duration rather than simply add turns”?
What will happen if I made two full-row match in a single turn?
And, if there exists a spell or board action that apply a 2 turn stun, does it means “we can stack stun up to 2 turns as long as stun lasts”?

It was mentioned in the other thread quite a few times, but just a heads up that social tab is still completely down for some guilds. Rewards haven’t been sent out for it for 5 days, with all guild functions like adding, bazaar, coop groups, and similar being inaccessible.

Also, runic mace bug still hasn’t been fixed. It is giving 10x the mastery color as power. The paladin has 58.8 green mastery and is getting 588 power from it. It should likely be giving 10%, which would be 5.8 power.

Currently it is giving 100x more power than it should be. Been like this since start of early access.

Anyone freezing on a black screen whenever attempting to start a match?

Both Lyranica and myself are experiencing this issue since downloading the update. Force quitting and restarting + clearing caches does not resolve the issue.

@Tacet You won’t dock me for not playing for a little bit while they make 0.35, 0.36, 0.37 and 0.38 patches to fix what they broke in .34, right? And the fact that the Social tab is still screwed up?

Yep, happened to me 3 times. Lost 3 PVP coins.

I don’t experience black screen but I got many bad handshake errors.
For PVP, once I got server connection error at the beginning of the match - lost 1 coin immediately
and another time, I got stuck at the end of the match with circle rotating at the bottom right corner and then got bad handshake error - lost another coin.

After that I have lots of bad handshake errors, got stuck when trying to switch heroes, etc.

That Mace is my first blue weapon!
I didn’t know what ‘+588’ meant.
It’s an honor to appear in the screenshot.

Just use it.
I heard now it affects your spell damage too so now you’re super OP in the game.
So currently your one and only enemy in the game is the bad handshake.
You should be able to obliterate everything else without problem. :slight_smile:
I wish I had that weapon too.

Just to add fuel to fire of runic weapon.
I currently have 60 dark mastery with it, which means I’m not getting 10x mastery as power!


I got the ‘bad handshake’ restart bug about 10 times in 30 min of play :weary:
It did not use to crash that much for me before the update…

Where could i get an apk? Instead of market course it’s unavailable at my region?

Thanks all, the development team is looking into the issues regarding the bad handshake error, server crashes, and the runic mace issue. We hope to have an update soon.

Hey all, the team has sent out a server update to fix some of this issues. Please force quit and restart your game & device and let us know if the following is resolved:

  • The crashes and band handshake issues
  • Runic Mace issues

I did some testing. That will now do only 1 stun.

Thanks Cyrup! Are you all working on the social tab unavailable as well? Seems to be broken for everyone in my kingdom.

This was fixed within the last 12 hours, please restart your game or device (properly force close and reopen) and let us know how it goes! Reach out to support if you need anymore help :slight_smile: