[SPOILERS] v0.36 is here!

v0.36 is here! Download this by updating in Google Play then waiting for an additional asset download when launching. On my phone I needed a 150MB download and on Bluestacks, I needed a 500MB one. I’ve sadly been kicked out of the game with a Server Error so my analysis has only been partial so far, but there is a LOT going on here. If anyone is still in game, please post about your experiences.

Official patch notes via Google Play:

Our next major update is now live! A big thank you to our players for all the feedback - we’re excited to introduce a brand new event system and a variety of additional improvements!


  • Introducing: New Event System
  • Events Added: Daily Sieges and Event Dungeons
  • Updated Challenges: Dungeons & Skirmishes
  • Chests and Item Vaults Improvements
  • Additional quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations round out this update.

Here is my semi-complete patch notes from playing in-game. Note this contains spoilers in case you want to figure things out for yourself.


  • A new Events tab has appeared next to Battles. This is where Daily Sieges and Event Dungeons occur.
    • Events are special stages. You get Tokens (similar to Gems of War’s Sigils) to complete these.
    • In these battles, you will face enemies of increasing difficulty. Beating more enemies gives you more rewards, but you still get rewards if you lose midway through.
      • Notably, at 6 wins you will receive “Evolve Materials” which includes a Glyph in its thumbnail.
      • You can select the difficulty of these battles, but in order to start at higher difficulties you need to earn Medals in previous weeks. This means battles will be more tedious than challenging for the next few weeks if you’ve beaten the story already.
    • You can purchase bundles which contain additional tokens using Gems.
      • These bundles also contain additional items that can be used at rest points; for example, mine contains 4 Health potions (which restore 25% HP) and 2 Ice Essence (which restore 25 mana to all Ice Spells).
      • One of the two Events going on for me also grants +2 Max Medals for the duration of the current event; it is unknown if this increases the number of tokens received per day.


  • Dungeons & Skirmishes are now accessed from the Challenges menu.
  • Aside from being able to access a custom difficulty or chapter here, you can also now complete pre-determined challenges (three Skirmishes and three Dungeons) per day in exchange for loot. This can include Gems and high-rarity Keys, and presumably in the future it may include Relics.


  • Holy shit.
  • Player stats are WAY up. You will likely have 5 or 6 times as much Armor and Life as you did before.
    • Enemy stats in Dungeons are WAY, WAY up. Like 10 times or more their normal stat lines.
    • However, on average you can probably survive more hits in higher levels than you could before.
  • In exchange, a bunch of spells got nerfed. Notably it seems that there are no longer any spells which cost only 50 mana (and thus full mana on turn 1 is now impossible). Here are some of the notable ones that I know people use (thanks to @Levy for helping with this):
    • RED
      • Channel Fire now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Burning Hands now costs 125 (up from 50).
      • Fireball now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Flaming Skulls now costs 300 (up from 220).
      • Scorching Ray now costs 130 (up from 50).
      • Wall of Fire now costs 55 (up from 50).
        • Really, even this useless one now costs more?
    • BLUE
      • Channel Ice now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Ray of Frost now costs 225 (up from 50).
      • Chill Touch now costs 105 (up from 100).
      • Cold Snap now costs 125 (up from 50).
      • Frost Bolt now costs 160 (up from 50).
      • Frost Burn now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Legion of Doom now costs 130 (up from 120).
    • GREEN
      • Channel Poison now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Poison Spirit now costs 175 (up from 50).
      • Poison Spray now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Insect Plague now costs 180 (up from 50).
      • Pure Venom now costs 260 (up from 200).
    • YELLOW
      • Channel Light now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Sunburst now costs 125 (up from 50).
      • Smite now costs 125 (up from 100).
      • Smoke Bomb now costs 80 (up from 75).
      • Sacred Flame now costs 115 (up from 50).
      • Holy Avenger now costs 300 (up from 250).
    • PURPLE
      • Blackjack (up from 75)
      • Channel Dark now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Darkness now costs 110 (up from 50).
      • Nightmare Vision now costs 85 (up from 75).
      • Unnerving Strike now costs 170 (up from 120).
      • Black Ice now costs 90 (up from 75)
      • Cloudkill now costs 110 (up from 50)
      • Vampiric Touch now costs 120 (up from 50)
      • Witchbolt now costs 105 (up from 50)
  • Some spells has been buffed:
    • Assassinate now costs 135 (down from 140).
    • Night Blade now costs 90 (down from 100).
  • Mana gain appears to have been reduced on Gem matches.


  • You can now overflow your capacity of items by opening Keys. Previously, you could only do this with Pets.
  • You can no longer enter battles if any of your Vaults are over capacity. No more hoarding items…
  • I haven’t seen any improvements in terms of having more space, sadly.
  • TODO: Look into this.


  • UNEQUIP BUTTON!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!1
  • New options to block and report players in Chat, should be a drastic improvement from the previous system (which required making a support request).
  • Relics and Crystals can now appear in the shop (and the former can appear for Gold!).
  • Adhakus appears to be giving less food per hour than previously.

There are also images of the above inclusions, visible by expanding below:


Tutorial text for the Live Events:

The user interface for Challenges (thanks @Sibelos)

A preview of the high stats in Level 80 Dungeons (thanks @Sibelos)

The long-awaited Unequip button (thanks @Levy)

Chat options for blocking or reporting (thanks @Levy)

You can no longer enter battles if your Vaults are full (thanks @Sibelios)


Enemy Stats are WAY WAY WAY WAY up. Difficulty X dungeon just took about 8 minutes to complete.

Sounds like the Great Rebalancing has finally arrived…

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Is it really a great rebalancing if virtually none of the game play has changed, things are just 10x harder to kill at the higher levels? All the “cheese” has been circumvented by simply requiring you to take 10x longer to kill something.

Is the difficulty X glitch from last patch that made every delve 1 level lower fixed in this patch?

Also, did they make Shaman not useless? XD

Also, is it sushi day or did Octoghoul not get nerfed?

Did this update grant access to iOS devices?

octoghoul did not get nerfed that i see. it also looks like it’s easier to upgrade my horde of uncommon octoghouls to rare.

also, Royal Longsword is kind of needed to do X dungeons now.

Will need to get the popcorn ready for the official patch notes thread.


You dont keep popcorn at the ready at all times?

Of course not, it’d get cold!


Via @Levy Relics in the shop!

Also Crystals in the shop for Crowns: (via @Sibelios)


VIP daily rewards changed.

The daily ruby key has been retired. It’s been replaced with a gold key + 25 gems.

Players received an email with a lump sum key payout from the time remaining on their passes and were re-registered with that time under the new system.

This update is complete garbage! Game is super laggy and damn near unplayable now!