0.34 - Early Access: Small Changes (Read Thread for Details)

Ahoy adventurers! After reading your recent feedback since the last update we have made a number of changes to the items and spells in the game to improve the experience in the puzzle gameplay.

When will I see this?
These changes have been pushed to the servers - so no update is required. Please restart your game (and possibly device) after reading this to see them.


  • Fixed issue with Guard’s Gloves giving not enough Critical Hit Chance Bonus.
  • Fix for Guard’s Shield where it was incorrectly increasing Block rather than Block Chance Bonus.
  • Balanced Bone Ring, now does 2/3/4/5 per starting skull on the board
  • Fixed issue with Bloodfang Twinblade not adding enough critical chance.
  • Fixed Maul and Jeweled Gauntlet as they weren’t applying extra damage correctly
  • Fixed issue with Bloodfang Breastplate not creating enough gems
  • Fixed issue with Serpentine Pants where it was not gaining Armor correctly
  • Fixed issues with Bloodfang Gloves and Jewelled Gauntlets not applying bonuses correctly.
  • Bloodfang Gloves now also applies a bonus to the damage that was dealt, rather than ice damage as a bonus


  • Fix for Corrosive Rain spell, a display bug where it did not show the rarity effect in the description properly.
  • Fix for Concentrated Venom, where it was not giving bonus if the enemy was poisoned.
  • Fixed issue with Lightning Bolt spell destroying any columns.
  • Poison Spirit now correctly stuns for 1 turn, not 4 turns.


  • Fixed a server issue (e.g. RE####) that could occur when versing an enemy Barrier
  • Fixed a server issue (e.g. RE) that could occur when trying to enter tourneys

Thank you for your ongoing support with feedback and detailed reports on game issues.


The hunt for the legendary Bone Rings begin.


Can you and the devs clarify what’s the function of Starting Mana bonus in Citadel?
I assume it should give us more extra mana, but it does not give us any.
I feel that it’s kinda unfair that you nerf bone rings but you don’t fix Citadel’s starting mana.

So some other items are not fixed yet (ex: Warlord’s Mantle, Ice Storm spell, etc.)?

A lot of funny things aren’t nerfed yet. Elven Charm with red or yellow Staff is infinite damage. It never runs out of having every spell at full mana since they both apply the mana instantly rather than with a turn delay.


My point is that they nerf something related to starting mana, but they don’t fix something which players should get from Citadel bonus related to starting mana.
(It’s a percentage anyway so don’t think Citadel’s starting mana bonus will break the game.)

Because if we look at the whole game, yes maybe there are a lot of funny things which need to be nerfed but there are a lot of sad items too which become junks because they don’t function properly.

Of course! There was a patch note change. Thanks for the notice.

It would have been nice if things were changed that are helpful. I understand the bone rings were too powerful. Now they are useless unless mythic and the economy is such that even getting something to rare is insane. It feels like this was much less of a balance and more of a community slap down which found a way to play the game. In my opinion the bug fix is aimed to make the game less olayable and I will do exactly that.


Fix for Guard’s Shield where it was incorrectly increasing Block rather than Block Chance Bonus

This has not been fixed:


This has not been fixed.
I have 24 light gems, which should give +72% critical chance. It does not.


Well, those would have been of benefit. The bone ring and I just checked, the 4 turn stun on poison spirit have indeed been fixed. With the 4 turn I am fine. It said 1 turn from early on. And the bone ring was indeed overpowered. But for so many of us to have farmed so hard to get the ring and it being down powered to unusable now is a bit rough. I didn’t even weigh in when sunspear in GoW was changed but this is rough and overdone against the player.


Wish they would get the first balance patch out so they could do most of this at once. Hard to know what to keep, level, or hunt for when anything can become useless or much stronger at any point.

1st patch they nerfed one weapon; this patch they nerfed one ring. There are over a dozen things in the game still more overpowered than either of them, on top of all the other general balance that the game needs and all the things that need buffs.


Unfortunately, I agree. There is plenty of talk about inventory issues and evolution being near impossible but those aren’t adressed. I do appreciate the devs continuing to dev, but some additional changes are certainly in order.

This is a really good point. With inventory being as tight as it is, a lack of predictability in terms of what to keep makes it even more difficult to plan properly.

I was weighing up buying a month of VIP but since its in BETA I was pretty cautious
Now I feel its a bit like this…

@Pnut yes at this point we have to guess what will be useful in the future. Inventory cap is such an issue. I saw a suggestion that each level of guard equates to five more slots…that would be such an amazing qol improvement and feel justified for how long it takes to level up followers

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Yeah, I think that is my biggest issue at the moment. The company happily took my VIP money and is unlikely to refund. I spent time in the game based on what they offered.

For the bone ring that was 165 level 55 runs, each of which averaged at the time about 5 minutes. Plus the time around that. Due to the inventory restrictions I salvaged anything else I got which now I regret as the bone ring is totally useless.

I agree that the ring was overpowered. I would understand from OP to average. But going from 5/10/15/20 to 2/3/4/5 makes the ring underpowered. Now with 2 mythic rings one would be able on average to power the lowest spell in round 1 and with the shard economy we may get the first mythic rings in a year or so. So overall I would say this went from OP to useless. That was a lot of time played for something useless while I could have actually used other stuff.

What about other stuff? I would agree with Tacet that other stuff is also unbalanced towards overpowered. So we aim for that, scrap all the other stuff and it will be made useless?

At the same time the other hand of the devs gave us fixes that were supposed to fix something that was offered which were not really fixed according to L1ndros88. I see that as problematic.

What I full yunderstand is spirit poison. When I go to the store and get an iPhone for $200 and get one the newest line worth 600 I can understand they want it back. But when I pay 200 and they take it back and give me a cardboard phone I would call that a bait and switch and that is how I feel with the game at the moment.

And I was happy to jump on early access because I had a lot of respect for the devs from years one of the top guilds in GoW. I have to say I just lost a lot of respect.

Nothing seems to have been fixed that would aid gameplay, the game was just nerfed.

Please fix what is promised in the descriptions of weapons, gear and perks and please fix bone ring to where it is useful but not OP. But also not utterly useless. Dunno whether 3/6/9/12 would fix it but 2 rings x12x5 skulls on an average board would run a 120 mana spell at mythic which is a long way into endgame. On the low end of spells 2 rings at legendary would run the lowest spells and at rare one would need a lot of skulls. But as is at mythic two rings would run the lowest spell on an average board - why is that something to achieve as a player?

Same for other currecntly overpowered gear. Will it end up totally useless? Is it worth working towards anything as a player now?


I’m extremely disappointed.

It’s not that the bone ring was nerfed (because it needed one), but it’s that there seems to be a severe lack of design and quality of development with the game.

The nerf should at least make the bone rings usable to some extent, which speaks of poor or no game design. Generally, we see this with poor game balance and lack of end game content.

And for a new version to be pushed out, communicate that bugs were fixed, and then to still have the same bugs is just embarrassingly juvenile development practice.

I vote with my time and money. I won’t spend anymore money on this game, and yesterday was the first day since I started that I spent less than 15 mins playing.

Finally, I’m tired of finding and reporting bugs. PQ3 dev team and management, you should be ashamed. Early access is for Beta. You guys clearly haven’t Alpha tested, and judging by your lack of quality, I’m not sure you understand the difference. You won’t see another bug report from me.

It looks like the beginning of the balancing changes have begun.

An interesting first round of changes, for sure. I think there might also have been some attempts at spell normalization across rarities that was not explicitly mentioned in the update notes, but there are still some inconsistencies present. I’ll probably make a post on that.

Hello team, thanks for posting your feedback in this thread. I am currently looking into the issues you’ve raised above, and am passing them onto the devs. Sorry to hear that some of the issues we thought we fixed are still not working as intended, I will get to the bottom of it.

Balance changes are coming, but I want to shed some light on why we haven’t done more. While working on bugs, fixes, and balancing, there are also a number of other things that we are working on improving in the game (eg, device performance, graphical issues, UI/UX, localisation, etc) so we can’t fix everything at once. Please be patient with us as we work on numerous aspects of the game to get Puzzle Quest 3 in the best shape it can be for worldwide release later this year.

I know you wanted to see more done in this update, but it wasn’t possible with the amount that we are currently working across. More changes are coming, and we are releasing updates and fixes more regularly than normal as we fix/change/optimise as much as we can as we go.


Head’s up, we pushed some quick server changes to fix Bloodfang Twinblade and Guard’s Shield.

Please restart your game to see these changes.

Also, I want to reiterate that this wasn’t a major update, and 0.34 was only done to fix more minor issues. We will be releasing a series of smaller fixes bundled together in future, and will make sure to label them as such. Bigger changes will happen with our Updates, and I’ll let you know when those are. Thank you!