Balancing & Changes

Hey all,

Welcome to the new Balancing & Changes thread. In the future when any changes are released that aren’t included in an update or don’t quite fit within the patch notes, a team member will be sharing them here.

Any issues that arise from a change should still have their own Bug Report thread, as this will be a continually updated thread over time and I don’t want anything to be missed! Which is why this thread is closed for comments :sparkles:


Changes for Jan 24th
Ogre’s Clobber :

  • Damage type is being changed from Physical to Fire
  • Mana Cost is increasing from 75 to 85

Troll’s Troll:

  • Troll Regeneration will not trigger when the Troll has the burn status effect.
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Changes for Feb 2nd
Serpentine Pauldrons :

  • Was applying Poison with no duration, now applies for 4 turns.

Beam of Light & Sword of Light:

  • Now allows you to select your target row.
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Additionally for Feb 2nd

Effects while stunned

  • We will be reenabling start of turn effects while stunned. This being disabled is linked to why some players were experiencing issues with burn being applied.

Currently, this will remain enabled until the next update at the earliest, but unconfirmed when this will be disabled again.


Changes Feb 10th
Steam DLC Name Changes

  • Serpentine Flame Ring → Flame Ring
  • Jeweled Golden Grasp → Golden Grasp

Set Bonus

  • Serpentine Set → None
  • Jeweled Set → None

Please note: Names have been changed in English, with other languages updating shortly too.

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Changes August 11th

  • Updated instances of Deep Gem being referred to as Shark Gem
  • Scheduled new Adventures, archive event, flash offers, and Summer Harvest Advent Calendar
  • Speed buff fixed (reported here)
    • A handful of collectables that alter speed by percentage were granting speed by flat value instead. If the collectable gave a speed bonus of 8%, the player was instead given a bonus of +8. The fix implemented now calculates the speed increase/decrease from the current speed amount (not the starting amount).

The following collectable items and spells with this issue have been fixed:


  • Bloodfang Boots
  • Royal Boots
  • Runic Boots


  • Ensnare
  • Spin Up
  • Web Shot

Changes August 17th/18th

Season 2.2 enemy Landshark’s passive ability ‘Rough Skin’ was missing it’s “On casting spell” activating portion of it’s ability & had the incorrect % listed in the ability description.

Intended text
On receiving physical damage, reflect back 15% of it. On casting a spell, deal 10% of my Power as Physical Damage to the enemy.

Changes August 22nd/23rd

Pushing out a fix for a recent bug that was not recognising Gems after a match, causing an RE error.

Changes September 19th

Wenge was a Dark Mana Minion with an Ice Spell > will now be an Ice Mana Minion to match their Ice Spell.

Note: this has not yet gone live but will expected by the end of the week

Changes September 20th

Fixes are being released for the following issues

  • Wither applies it’s effect multiple times
  • Hex interacting with Brimstone
  • PSN Goldrune Pack has incorrect contents

Changes October 3rd/4th

  • Enemies will also have a starting mana cap.

  • Fixed missing post-Season conversion mail.

    • This mail will appear in inboxes after daily reset AFTER the fix has gone live.
  • Fixed 2.3 Season Chapter 1 completion goal not unlocking.

  • Changes to how Blind and Burn interact.

  • Corrupted Guard’s Ring will now deal True Damage instead of Physical Damage (so it will directly hit life).

  • All cases of items and spells using Max Armor or Resistance now use Starting Armor or Resistance. Affected Items and Spells are listed below:

    • Flametree Pauldrons
    • Fallen Shoulderguards
    • Lightbringer Leggings
    • Fortify The Dead
    • Army of the Dead
    • Regrowth
    • Empowered Regrowth
    • Doomgrowth
    • Leaf Shield

We hope to have these all live in the next 48 hours, will edit this post or comment if anything changes.

Hi Adventurers,

There’s some fixes and changes being released tomorrow close to daily reset (Midnight 00:00 UTC Wednesday December 13th).

  • Updated the mana cost of the following player spells, as they were not set correctly:

    • Beam of Light (100 → 140)
    • Ray of Light (100 → 135)
    • Sword of Light (100 → 135)
    • Burst of Light (100 → 110)
    • Seed of Corruption (100 → 130)
    • Wave of Corruption (100 → 110)
    • Blast of Corruption (100 → 110)
    • Spark of Corruption (100 → 130)
  • Updated the mana cost of the following enemy spells, as they were not set correctly:

    • Dragonguard Champion
      • Dragon Cleave (100 → 60)
    • Dragonguard Knight
      • Defensive Stance (100 → 50)
      • Counterstrike (100 → 60)
    • Dragonguard Captain
      • Fiery Shield (100 → 75)
      • Corrupt Blow (100 → 70)
    • War Boar
      • Fiery Gore (100 → 60)
    • Eldritch Daemon
      • Eldritch Fire (100 → 80)
      • Fuel Corruption (100 → 70)
    • Keykeeper
      • Corrupt Cleave (100 → 70)
    • Gatemaster
      • Corrupt Shield (100 → 50)
      • Sly Strike (100 → 60)
    • Flaming Snorri
      • Consume Fire (100 → 50)
    • Crabzog
      • Serrated Claws (100 → 70)
      • Deep Corruption (100 → 50)
    • Lord Felric
      • Blazing Shield (100 → 45)
      • Corrupted Strike (100 → 70)
    • Eldritch Flame
      • Flame Wave (100 → 70)
      • Eldritch Darkness (100 → 50)
      • Corroded Earth (100 → 50)
  • Fix for Swabbie’s Poisoned Mind passive (wasn’t activating)

  • Fix for Buccaneer 6-piece set bonus not giving the correct amount of Power (5% less than it should’ve)

  • Fix for Tentacle Assault spell so that 3 columns are correctly destroyed (Bluetacula minion, Giant Squid enemy)

  • Removed English words from Japanese localization (Draconus, Yrm, Garranoth, Arranoth, Khadhuli, and Bonecruncher)


Changes Jan 23rd/24th :crossed_fingers:t2:

We plan to release a small fix (separate from the upcoming hotfix) as some pages in the Spell Vault were are displaying.

Example of my Spell Book - all spells show 0 pages

Also fixing the Spell Pages on the reward screen to show you Page progress of the spells current rarity towards the next. Instead of currently showing Spell Pages required to upgrade from common to your next rarity

Example below: I have been rewarded 10 Spell pages, which means I have more than enough to upgrade my spell to the next rarity

I then upgraded my spell. Later I received 1 page


If I had not upgraded the Spell rarity, it would continue to count up, so it would have displayed 15/10


Changes Jan 24th

Non-English languages had the incorrect page range for some of Xione’s crafting options. This is being resolved.

Changes Feb 17th

  • Increased Season Shop page quantity from a chest from x5 to x50
  • Increase Season Spell page drop quantity
  • Season 2.5 Shop and Season 2.5 Cache compensation sent to players inboxes (only if you had purchased or received the Season 2.5 spells prior to the 17th AEDT)

More information here:

  • Additional Global compensation of Seasonal Currency & Spell Dust has been sent out on 19th of Feb

Changes Feb 27th AEDT

Increasing the amount of Spell Pages Xione crafts, bringing them in line with the Spell drop pages we rebalanced recently

  • Random: 2 - 25 (1-10)
  • Random Chosen Color: 2 - 25 (1-10)
  • More Random: 25 - 125 (10 - 50)
  • More Random Chosen Color: 25 - 125 (10-50)
  • Random Hero Spell pages: 40 - 190 (15 - 75)
  • Specific spell: 250 - 500 (100 - 200)

A general increase of about x2.5


Changes made while I was on leave.

May 2nd

  • Removed shards from VIP slots in daily deals
  • Updated stock limit on the following
    • VIP Key bundle (1 → 3)
    • VIP Mythic bundle (1 → 3)
    • VIP Legendary Bundle (3 → 5)
    • Minion Glyph for gems (1 → 3)
  • Items will auto-equip from Story battles & chests when a player has no items equipped in that slot, or starting gear is still equipped
  • Balancing changes for low-level enemies in Chapter 1
  • Fix possibly soft lock when defeating Harpy with a spell for the first time, in the Prologue battle. Full fix coming in 3.1.5
  • Added back in Kingdom Boss healing negation. Was removed previously but reverted and caused issues again.

Popping this here as I don’t think it needs its own thread.

I’ll be hiding a LOT of Puzzle Quest 3 articles/game guides from the Help Centre. As updates have been released and we have been kept busy on other tasks, these guides have fallen very out of date.

The important support/tech issue articles will remain, as they are all relevant still - it will mostly be the game guides as they range from just needing updated UI screenshots to some needing to be completely rewritten.

I’ll be working on them slowly and publishing them again as they are updated and completed. Some articles may remain hidden until after 3.1>3.2 as there will be more changes coming, so to save double handling articles I will hold off on publishing any that have changes coming in the next few updates.

I appreciate everyone’s patience while these have gotten a bit old - and always love seeing everyone in the community help new players and one another when they are after information we have failed to provide/update.

Update: Currently the following articles are hidden:

  • Followers
  • Crafting & Reforging
  • The Shop
  • VIP

They will be unhidden once their updates have been released.


Forum changes 23rd of May

  • Forum members with Trust 2+ can now attach videos to posts up to 30mb
    • This will be reviewed in future if we find that this change causes an increase to bots, spam, and a general need for more moderation.
  • Adjusted some of the base requirements for progressing through the Trust levels on the forum