Balancing & Changes

Hey all,

Welcome to the new Balancing & Changes thread. In the future when any changes are released that aren’t included in an update or don’t quite fit within the patch notes, a team member will be sharing them here.

Any issues that arise from a change should still have their own Bug Report thread, as this will be a continually updated thread over time and I don’t want anything to be missed! Which is why this thread is closed for comments :sparkles:


Changes for Jan 24th
Ogre’s Clobber :

  • Damage type is being changed from Physical to Fire
  • Mana Cost is increasing from 75 to 85

Troll’s Troll:

  • Troll Regeneration will not trigger when the Troll has the burn status effect.
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Changes for Feb 2nd
Serpentine Pauldrons :

  • Was applying Poison with no duration, now applies for 4 turns.

Beam of Light & Sword of Light:

  • Now allows you to select your target row.
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Additionally for Feb 2nd

Effects while stunned

  • We will be reenabling start of turn effects while stunned. This being disabled is linked to why some players were experiencing issues with burn being applied.

Currently, this will remain enabled until the next update at the earliest, but unconfirmed when this will be disabled again.


Changes Feb 10th
Steam DLC Name Changes

  • Serpentine Flame Ring → Flame Ring
  • Jeweled Golden Grasp → Golden Grasp

Set Bonus

  • Serpentine Set → None
  • Jeweled Set → None

Please note: Names have been changed in English, with other languages updating shortly too.

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