Steam DLC Update

Hello everyone,

By the end of today, we will be pushing some data to change the names of the Steam DLC to reflect that these are not part of a Gear set.

After this is updated, will be sending the cost of the Golden Flame Gear DLC bundle ($19.99 USD) as Crowns back to everyone who had purchased them prior to today, via the in-game mail.
Expecting to have this mail sent either also by the end of the day or just after the weekend.

Appreciate everyone’s patience with this ongoing issue.

I’ll link to this thread in the existing Steam Exclusive Items thread as well as update Balance & Changes thread to reflect this going out today.


Thank you so much @Jeto for following up on this and seeing it through to the end!!! :grinning::blush::grinning::blush::grinning: :pray:Really appreciate it!!! :smiley::+1: