Steam Exclusive Items

A couple questions about the Steam exclusive items:

  1. The Serpentine Flame Ring and Jeweled Golden Grasp show that they are part of the Serpentine and Jeweled armor sets, respectively. However, when I equip them, they do not count toward the number of items required for an armor set bonus. Would it be possible to fix that so those items count toward their respective armor set bonuses?

  2. Eveline’s Locket and the Mirror Shield are not part of any armor sets. Could they count as substitutions for any elements of an armor set? For example, Eveline’s Locket could count as a substitute for the necklace item of the Jeweled, Night, and/or Savior sets; and the Mirror Shield could count as a substitute for the Firewalker Shield.

Because all these items cost real world money, it would be nice if they could be used to the max!

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When you purchased these items, did they roll with random color elements or did they choose element colors aligned with the hero that initially received them?

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They definitely did not align with the hero that initially received them. However, I’m not totally certain if they rolled with random color elements, or if they have a certain color automatically assigned. Here are the colors that I got:

  • Serpentine Flame Ring: Fire
  • Jeweled Golden Grasp: Light
  • Mirror Shield: Fire
  • Evelyn’s Locket: Dark

The first two make senses (Flame Ring → Fire; Golden Grasp → Light). I’m not sure about the second two, though. So pretty much, I don’t know exactly how it works, LOL!!! :smile:

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I am following up on these with the team but I would take a guess that the Ring and Grasp are not a part of a Gear set intentionally as they are paid for items whereas the rest of the set is free - so if someone did not want to spend money, they could still complete this gear set. Which is why I have currently swapped this thread to feedback.

And I will pass on your suggestion for the Locket and Mirror shield!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

This response doesn’t make any sense at all. The fact that the Steam Exclusive items are not part of the set doesn’t affect F2P players at all as they have 6 items they can collect to complete a Set-6 Bonus. Whereas the purchaser and wielder of the Steam Exclusive items are barred from the same Set-6 bonus (Jeweled-6 and Serpentine-6) because they have the paid items which share the same slot as the free items.

So again, the F2P player is not affected at all by the existence of the Steam Exclusive items, but the purchaser of the Steam Exclusive items is worse off than the F2P player because if they equip these items (particularly the Jeweled Golden Grasp, since technically you could have one regular serpent ring and the steam exclusive serpent ring and satisfy the Set-6 bonus) they cannot gain the same Gear Set bonus. Whether or not the F2P player can “still complete this gear set” is not a factor in any part of this.


As I mentioned, it was just a thought in the meantime while I am waiting to hear back from the team. Sorry, I should have specified more clearly this was just my own personal thought on it while following up with the team.

Once I get an official word, I’ll update in here as always :sparkles:

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Hi Jeto,
Thank you for the response, and I definitely appreciate sending the request “up the food chain”. I think what Sibelios says makes sense, meaning that allowing the Steam Exclusives to be part of their respective sets does not affect F2P players… but not allowing it does affect the people who paid for the items since they can’t take advantage of the gear set bonuses. Actually, it kinda discourages people from buying the items if they lose the ability to get a gear set bonus from them.

I think it would make most sense if the exclusive items could “fill in the spot” for some other item in a set or sets.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the general timeframe for taking feedback and making changes? I’m new here, so I’m kinda curious how things work :smiley:

Much appreciated. These results appear to be randomly generated.

For me, this is still a dealbreaker for purchasing the Steam Exclusive Gear. If the gear I paid real money more has a 80% chance of not aligning with the element of the character I want to use those items on, then those deals are “dead to me” still.

Either those items need to align with the class that opens the premium gear email (preferably with a confirmation prompt before claiming), or there needs to be a follower adjusted in 1.2 to allow altering/rerolls of elemental gear colors.

Premium purchases demand premium results as justification for those purchases.


Somewhere between never and 12 months if they actually listen to feedback

Hi @Jeto ! IMO, I think the thread might be more appropriate in the “Bug” section since the game indicates that a set bonus should be possible for the Serpentine and Jeweled sets.

Also, I think I found a bug with Eveline’s Locket: I currently have it upgraded to Legendary, which should give a 12% bonus to all my masteries. However, it looks like it is only giving a 8% bonus. For example, with an Ice mastery of 63, I’m only getting a bonus of 5 points (8%).

Hey all,

Just jumping in to let you know the team is investigating including these items in their respective armor sets in the future!

But I do not have confirmation on if or when this would be rolled out. If anything new comes my way about this, I’ll dive back in here.


Thank you for the update, @Jeto !! :smiley:

I really hope they decide to add them to their respective armor sets… It’s kind of like a “switch and bait” since it really looks like they belong in a set, which makes it more likely people are gonna want to buy them, but then it ends up not being part of a set.


@Jeto One other thing for the team to consider: If they want people to leave positive reviews for the Steam exclusives (instead of negative reviews), then they should make sure the paid-for items function in an expected way… for example, an item labeled “Serpentine” works with the “Serpentine” set, an item labeled “Jeweled” works with the “Jeweled” set, etc. People are more likely to pay for the items (and the team is more likely to make money) if there are positive reviews and the gear is “worth it”.


Hi @Jeto ! I was just wondering whether there has been any movement on this ticket, at least for the Serpentine Flame Ring and Jeweled Golden Grasps? The names and descriptions of those items definitely suggest/indicate they work as part of a set to provide a set bonus. Like I mentioned for the Eveline’s Locket ticket, it’s kinda funky when paid-for items don’t work as they are described in a free-to-play game.

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Nothing since my previous post, as mentioned if anything changes or we hear anything new, one of the team will update here or there will be an official thread about it :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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