Update 2.0 Patch Notes

This update releases on Tuesday March 14th at 00:00 UTC

The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 GMT) on the 21st March

Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item.

Corrupted Guard Hammer


Though touched by the corruption that consumed its original wielder, this hammer longs to be used for honorable deeds once more.

  • Reduce enemy Power by 1-2.5% of their starting power when dealing damage of this item’s gem color.

Corrupted Guard Hammer

Corrupted Guard Shield


Corrupted Guard Shield

The corruption coursing through the wood makes this shield more pliable.

  • Add 10% to block chance, increasing by 1-4% every turn.

Corrupted Guard Gloves


Corrupted Guard Gloves

The red of the corruption is a reminder of the blood on the hands of the wearer of these gloves.

  • Reduce enemy Crit Chance by 2-5% when matching 5 or more gems in one match.

Corrupted Guard Shoulders


Corrupted Guard Shoulder

Taken from Dragonguard soldiers who carried the weight of the corrupted world on their shoulders.

  • Gain 1-2.5% Melee Damage when matching 5 or more gems in one match.

Corrupted Guard Chest


Corrupted Guard Chest

Crimson flecks of corruption make this chest oddly appealing.

  • Leech 2-5% of opponents current Armor when matching 5 or more gems in one match

Corrupted Guard Ring


Corrupted Guard Ring

Passed down through generations of Dragonguard soldiers, this ring now gives off a mildly unsettling aura.

  • 10-40% chance to gain Regeneration for 5 turns at start of turn. If you already have Regeneration, its effect leeches life from the enemy.

Corrupted Guard Set Bonus


icon corrupted guard gearset

Corrupted I (2 piece set bonus)

  • Increase Crit Chance by 2-7% for each Big Gem on the board
  • Gain 5-30% All Elemental Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.0 enemies.

Corrupted II (4 piece set bonus)

  • Gain 5-30% of Starting Resistance.
  • Gain 5-30% Melee & Missile Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.0 enemies.

Corrupted III (6 piece set bonus)

  • Skull hits leech 1-6% of damage dealt as life
  • Gain 5-30% Power if facing Season 2.0 enemies.

Available only in the Cache items in the Season shop, this item will drop at Legendary rarity.

When worn, this helm produces an ominous hum. It seems to empower and disturb its’ wearers in equal measure.

At the start of my turn there is a 10-40% chance to gain Possessed for 4 turns. If I already have Possessed, double the effects

Values in bold are affected by the level or rarity of the spell.

Seed of Corruption (130 Purple Mana)


Seed of Corruption

Create 2-7 Purple Gems. If I’m already Possessed, heal for 0.5x.

  • Level: Heal
  • Rarity: Gem Create

Blast of Corruption (110 Red Mana)


Blast of Corruption

Deal 1x Fire Damage, and gain Possessed for 1-6 Turns.

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Status Duration

Wave of Corruption (110 Green Mana)


Wave of Corruption

Destroy 2-7 Non-Purple Gems. If I’m already Possessed, heal 0.75 Resistance.

  • Level: Resistance Heal
  • Rarity: Gem Destruction

Spark of Corruption (130 Yellow Mana)


Deal 1x Light Damage, +10-30% if I’m already Possessed.

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Status Duration




  • Speedy
  • PvP Spell: Fiery Gore (60 Mana)
    Destroy a random row of gems and deal 1x damage as Fire, adding 10% for each skull removed.




  • Mighty
  • PvP Spell: Light Crash (90 Mana)
    Deal 2x damage as Light.

Helmit Crab


Helmit Crab

  • Mighty
  • PvP Spell: Ice Crash (90 Mana)
    Deal 2x damage as Ice.

Lil’ Lord Felric


Lil’ Lord Felric

  • Cunning
  • PvP Spell: Dark Crash (90 Mana)
    Deal 2x damage as Dark.

The Items, Spells, and Minions use new Relics obtainable through the Season Dungeons to evolve.

Barnacles are really in sea-son this year.

To celebrate the year-long journey of Puzzle Quest 3 so far:

We will be giving out some free skins and some other goodies! These rewards can be acquired for 1 week after the release of 2.0.0.

Adventurer’s Guide will replace the Help Guide button in the top bar.

In-game help guides can be brought up here again if you’d like a refresher on mechanics or game modes.

This will be an on-going feature that we add to, and we’ve moved some of the existing game mode help menus into the guide.

The icon will change when a new guide has been unlocked.

We’ve also made new Guides available for:

  • Gear Basics
  • Spell Basics
  • Follower Basics
  • Elemental Damage

We have added features which will allow us to provide new and different Adventure experiences in the future. These will be denoted with icons within an Adventure

  • Persistent Health

    • Health will carry over between battles.
  • Health Potions

    • Restore your health between battles by using Health Potions when Persistent Health is enabled
  • Magic Crystals

    • Create gems and charge your spells at the start of battle
  • Adventure Shop

    • A merchant that is always available to purchase from
  • Persistent modifiers

    • Some adventures will have modifiers that apply to all battles
  • Replayable adventures

    • Adventures that can be replayed multiple times

Beginning in Season 2.0: The Fallen Star, we will be introducing Enemy Gems! These Gems will have unique effects much like the Ultimate Gems of the Heroes.

We’ll be starting with the enemies in The Fallen Star, but we’re planning to roll out more throughout 2023 and beyond to add variety and spice to the matches!

  • Corruption Gems match with Red Gems, and will grant Possessed for 2 turns when destroyed.

We thought it was high time that the Quest and VIP Passes got an update!
When reviewing them we found them difficult to find and difficult to navigate so we’ve taken some time to make improvements to both.

  • On both the Quest Pass and VIP Pass we’ve updated the UI to make sure you can see everything in one place

  • We’ve also added a VIP badge to the top menu bar so it’s always easy to access your pass!

In addition to a general update to the UI, we’re also updating the rewards tracks for the Quest Pass as some parts were a little out-of-date.

The following rewards will become active as of the next Quest Pass Reset!

Quest Pass Rewards Table

1 0 Gold 500 Epic Minion 1
2 100 Food 100 Random Shards 100
3 200 Gems 20 Gems 120
4 300 Honor 20 Skirmish Loot Ticket 2
5 400 Wooden Keys 1 Relic Tier I 1
6 500 Gold 750 Food 200
7 600 Skirmish Loot Ticket 3 Random Shards 150
8 700 Uncommon Rune 1 Gems 140
9 800 Iron Keys 1 Dungeon Loot Ticket 2
10 900 Random Shards 100 Crystal 1
11 1000 Gold 1000 Food 250
12 1100 Ore 100 Random Shards 200
13 1200 Gems 20 Gems 160
14 1300 Honor 40 Skirmish Loot Ticket 4
15 1400 Golden Keys 1 Relic Tier II 1
16 1500 Gold 1250 Food 300
17 1600 Skirmish Loot Ticket 3 Random Shards 250
18 1700 Uncommon Scroll 1 Gems 180
19 1800 Relic Tier I 1 Dungeon Loot Ticket 4
20 1900 Random Shards 150 Crystal 1
21 2000 Gold 1500 Food 350
22 2100 Food 250 Random Shards 300
23 2200 Gems 20 Gems 200
24 2300 Honor 60 Skirmish Loot Ticket 6
25 2400 Ruby Keys 1 Relic Tier III 1
26 2500 Gold 1750 Food 400
27 2600 Skirmish Loot Ticket 3 Random Shards 350
28 2700 Rare Rune 1 Gems 220
29 2800 Relic Tier I 1 Dungeon Loot Ticket 6
30 2900 Random Shards 200 Crystal 1
31 3000 Gold 2000 Food 450
32 3100 Ore 200 Random Shards 400
33 3200 Gems 20 Gems 240
34 3300 Honor 80 Skirmish Loot Ticket 8
35 3400 Diamond Keys 1 Relic Tier III 2
36 3500 Gold 2250 Food 500
37 3600 Skirmish Loot Ticket 3 Random Shards 450
38 3700 Rare Scroll 1 Gems 260
39 3800 Epic Rune 1 Dungeon Loot Ticket 8
40 3900 Random Shards 250 Armor Glyph 1
41 4000 Gold 2500 Food 550
42 4100 Food 500 Random Shards 500
43 4200 Gems 20 Gems 280
44 4300 Honor 100 Skirmish Loot Ticket 10
45 4400 Crystal 1 Accessory Glyph 1
46 4500 Gold 3000 Food 600
47 4600 Skirmish Loot Ticket 3 Random Shards 600
48 4700 Relic Tier I 1 Gems 300
49 4800 Epic Scroll 1 Dungeon Loot Ticket 10
50 4900 Relic Tier II 1 Weapon Glyph 1

Contextual tutorials have been added and general tutorials have been updated to better assist the new-user experience in understanding where and how to access specific PQ3 features.

  • We’ve adjusted how the Inventory Guide is presented to offer information in a more easily readable way

The Hero creation screen has been adjusted to showcase important class elements and brings attention to the difficulty of each hero choice.

  • The 2D hero selectors have been replaced with 3D versions
  • Create Hero:
    • Difficulties for each hero are now shown
    • The viewer (the eye icon) now has a little more information about the heroes for some additional flavour!
  • Select Hero:
    • Merged the functionality of the 2D menu into the 3D menu

  • Action Points now has an undo button! After making a match you may undo any moves you’ve made that turn.
    • Note: Casting a spell or triggering an ability which impacts the board will clear your undo moves

  • Non-Elemental Enemies
    • We’ve made a few changes to some enemies that are particularly common in the early game
    • We’ve done this to help smooth out the new player experience and ease their way into learning the elemental system
    • The following enemies are now “Non-Elemental” meaning they don’t have strengths or weaknesses to elemental damage
      • Rat
      • Vicious Rat
      • Goblin
      • Pesky Goblin
      • Orc
      • Ogre
      • Troll

  • When you receive an item at the end of a Story battle, the item will appear in the center of the rewards list to make it easier to spot

  • The Altar of War now gives correct Bonus in Dungeon Battles
  • Oberron’s Belt power boost now gives the expected 10% power boost
  • Dark Ice spell no longer converts Big Gems into regular Gems
  • The final battle of story quests in seasons now gives the correct amount of experience

  • Fixed environmental audio bugs
    • Main menu background audio now changes with the environment
    • Environmental audio now triggers properly for later levels
    • Fixed some environmental audio cutting out every 30 seconds
  • Fixed loudness issues
    • Reduced volume difference between the menu, story scenes, and battles
    • Prevented total volume from exceeding appropriate limits
  • Sound effects no longer delayed in sped up battles

  • PvP Opponents no longer sometimes show a negative score
  • Event Battle Score & Difficulty now updates when changing Hero
  • Disease status no longer prevents Ultimate spell cast

  • Salvaging a Story chest item then restarting should no longer cause a soft lock
  • Switching your current Hero from the story progression screen no longer causes a soft lock
  • Gems created over Big Gems no longer appear with the original gem’s Big Gem level, instead of their own
  • Global Mail with no Rewards attached will no longer show a “collect” button
  • Improved world map movement sensitivity when on lower graphic settings

  • Gold total in gear/spell upgrade pop-up does not update, preventing upgrade if player collects mail while in the gear screen
    • Can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the screen
  • ‘Rooster’s Crow’ passive is not triggering when 10+ yellow gems are matched
  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated – this can cause a loss with the player taking reflected damage before the battle resolves
  • Some battle goals aren’t displaying if all achievements are completed
  • Background Audio can play overlapping multiple times (fixed in 2.0.1)

How does that new life leech effect work? Is it based on enemy’s current HP or max HP? Does it scale with healing % bonus?

I’m quite dissapointed by this season rewards in general. Possessed status is gonna reduce both events and pvp rewards due to HP lost and most spells and even the legendary unique helm are possessed-based.

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Yes, @Kafka , as tau has noted, you are AGAIN bringing back the Possessed status into the main picture, which though looking positive, is actually a NEGATIVE status effect for events mainly and PvP.

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I never knew I wanted an undo button until I was presented with it. Even if it is not that frequent, there are quite a few matches with unexpected negative consecuences (like trying to make a row of gems and mistakenly doing a vertical match that cuts it), so having this feature will surely come in handy. Thank you!


I’m surprised you added an undo feature, but I like it because now I can fix my fat finger accidental matches.

In regards to the possessed gear set I actually really like the idea. Obviously it is useless for PVP or events but I actually like the idea of having different gear sets for different parts of the game. The only downside is the difficulty in getting items needed to upgrade the gear set above Epic and also the lack of inventory space. (Still five more Northelm crystals needed before I get him to 50 and I now have 16 useless Adhakus crystals )


Given that once you get some followers to level 50 further crystals have no use at all, it would be nice to have a way of getting some value out of them (crystal exchange for example, as with relics) or avoiding random crystal rewards giving 50 level character crystals with no use. Having a literally worthless resource does not feel right, specially if it is a hard to get resource.


So, no any love for timer mode yes?
I appreciate your effort on improving AP mode, but this just make timer mode looks even worse.

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Surprised no one has asked this yet…

What is the scope of these Enemy Gems in general gameplay?
Are these Corruption Gems restricted to only the 2.0 Season?
As Corruption Gems match with Red Gems, can any Red elemental opponent create them for the duration of the Season?
Do these Gems randomly appear in all game modes (similar to how Heroic Gems function in GoW) for the duration of the Season that they are introduced in?

Asking the important questions here, because there’s going to be an awful lot of angry posts about any game mode that is scored being subject to random Life deduction gems falling/spawning/appearing onto the gameboard during matches.

We are working on an Enemy Gem article!
In the meantime:

  • They’re a way to vary the gameplay more against enemies. We only have Corruption Gems for 2.0 enemies, but we’d also like to introduce enemy gems for old enemies!
    They may or may not be limited to a whole enemy type as well, certain enemies may get their own Gem in a group. Just future ideas.
  • Currently they’re only in Season 2.0 and Season 2.0 battles

Furthermore, they’re only created via enemy passives or spells and only the Season 2.0 enemies have those passives/spells currently. None are also used by 2.0 Minions either.

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I would highly advise to :poop: can this terrible idea. But, as always, you guys do you.

This nonsense sort of almost works ok in Gow because of the age of the game and the broadness of counters and mitigators. Here? Ohhhhhh not so much.

We do not want so called “spice” yet. The actual game isn’t quite fleshed out. We don’t want magic enemy gems. We want more hero classes and more “core sets.” Have you noticed that anything that drops from a standard dungeon or standard skirmish chest is the same as ever and noone who has played for any length of time needs any of it?

This so called spice is just annoyance on top of annoyance. Just for the love of dog stop it. It’s like putting ancho chili on rice pudding. Ya spicey, not tasty?


I fully endorse your points. I, as a player, also do not need such ‘foolish, special’ gems dropping randomly on to the board and undoing all my ‘planning,’ more so if they are life reducing. They do not add any ‘spice’ to the fight.
PQ3 is a new game, maybe not for players like me from EA, and so let the players first get a ‘feel’ of the main game play. This is not GoW. We need more variety like what you are planning in the Adventure mode, and more Events, and better drops.
Finally it’s the devs that decide, but the players’ voices have been heard. And let’s hope for the best. Also happy that the corruption gems are only for season 2 battles.


Hey folks, Jeto has been taking your feedback for the team, I’m just popping in to share the Fallen Star skins for the Warlocks as promised!

These have been added to the original post and to the blog as well


Yes I agree here. At “endgame” you will just do Events, VS and daily challenges each day once season is over and some KD. So some extra daily things to do should be nice. Hopefully Adventure mode will be used for that in the future.

I do like the idea of corruption gems and enemy gems in general to be used in season battles (for now) It could make the season story and battles some more fun cause now you would just power trough on each difficulty and your done with.

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Why you guys REMOVED the random glyph deal (80 diamond mark) in reward shop?
this will drive people away from daily event and reduce their passion.


They did at least add targetted Glyphs for sale (rotating daily, each one once a week) for gems so that is a positive change.


Well, here is another change. New adventure:



Unless there the diamond mark for glyphs was moved to a weekend type deal or there is some new thing to buy with diamond marks, Events after 2 years maybe very much dead to me. Hate saying that, but I’d rather save the gems for the rotating Shop Glyphs now.


On fixing dungeon XP in Season Mode… not quite there?



Season Story Skirmishes still pay way more XP than Season Story Dungeons. At least Dungeons are now up to a bit more than half of Skirmish XP, up from 1/8th-ish of Skirmish XP?


@Jeto Why have Resh Crystals been removed from the archived Season 1.3 Rewards shop? I’m hoping this is an error or oversight with the update?


Yep - Spending crowns on an archived season event, then having the available rewards for that season be changed/removed later is not a good feeling.