Update 2.4 Patch Notes

This update releases on Tuesday November 21st at 00:00 UTC

The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 GMT) on the Tuesday 28th November

Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item.

Buccaneer’s Cutlass


A pirate’s best friend, perfect for slicin’ ropes and dicin’ throats.

  • Gain 1% damage increase for every 16-10% Gold Bonus you have. (Capped at 10% increase; -2% per rarity).

  • Mercenary: 14-8%

2.4 Cutlass Weapon

Buccaneer’s Tricorn


No outfit is complete without a leather tricorn, and no pirate will ever leave even the most dangerous of close call situations without their hat.

  • When matching 5 or more Yellow Gems in a single match, increase Gold Bonus by 2-5%.

Buccaneer’s Breeches


Fashionable, breathable, and quick-drying. Essential for a modern-day pirate.

  • Gain Armor equal to your Gold Bonus divided by 25-10% of your Starting Armor when matching 6 or more gems. (-5% per rarity)
  • Mercenary: 10% chance to spawn a Greed Gem

Buccaneer’s Ring


Taken from the finger of a drowned pirate king and passed down through generations. Well, if ‘generations’ meant ‘by random strangers’ and ‘passed down’ meant ‘constantly stolen’.

  • When making 7-4 or more matches in a turn, there is a chance equal to your Gold Bonus to spawn a Blue Gem
  • Mercenary: 10% chance to spawn a Greed Gem

Buccaneer’s Charm


Inspired by a design seen on the back of an old compass, this charm is believed to guide the wearer towards a great treasure.

  • Gain Resistance equal to your Gold Bonus divided by 25-10% of your Starting Resistance when matching 5 or more Blue gems.
  • Mercenary: 23-8%

Buccaneer’s Baldric


Some say the buckle is made of fool’s gold, some swear it’s real. One thing’s for sure – it’s really fashionable.

  • When making a column match, increase Gold Bonus by 7-10%

Buccaneer’s Set Bonus


Buccaneer’s I (2 piece set bonus)

  • At the start of battle, gain Gold Bonus equal to the number of Yellow Gems divided by 6-1 on the board.
  • Mercenary: Count Green Gems as well
  • Gain 5-30% All Elemental Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.4 enemies.

Buccaneer’s II (4 piece set bonus)

  • When taking damage 25-75% chance to spawn a Blue Gem
  • Mercenary: Spawn 2 Blue Gems instead of 1
  • Gain 5-30% Melee & Missile Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.4 enemies.

Buccaneer’s III (6 piece set bonus)

  • If Gold Bonus is above 75%, Gain 5-30% Power.
  • Mercenary: Gold Bonus Requirement is 65%
  • Gain 5-30% Power if facing Season 2.4 enemies.

Available only in the Cache items in the Season shop, this item will drop at Legendary rarity.

Crafted by an armorer who came face to face with the horrors of the deep and couldn’t get their image out of his mind.

If the enemy is Poisoned, at start of turn reduce their mana of a random spell by 1-4%, and Heal for 1-4% of Max Life.

Values in bold are affected by the level or rarity of the spell.

Harpoon Shot (120 Blue Mana)


Destroy a Row and deal 1x Ice Damage. 5-10% chance to Stun the enemy for 1 turn.

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Stun Chance

Cannon Blast (150 Red Mana)


Explode 3 Gems and deal 1x Fire Damage . Burn the enemy for 1-6 turns .

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Burn turns

Boarding Party (105 Yellow Mana)


Destroy a Column, gaining 1-6% of Starting Resistance for each Yellow Gem Destroyed. 50-100% chance to gain Haste for 2 turns.

  • Level: Starting Resistance
  • Rarity: Haste chance

Keelhaul (115 Purple Mana)


Destroy the bottom Row and Convert 2-7 Green Gems to Purple. 25-75% chance to Wither the enemy for 4 turns.

  • Level: Wither chance
  • Rarity: Convert Gems



  • Speedy
  • PvP Spell: Lure Prey (70 Mana)
    Deal 0.8x damage as light. If the target has no Resistance left, deal 1.5x damage as melee

Jelly King


  • Cunning
  • PvP Spell: Poison Sting (70 Mana)
    Deal 1x Poison damage. If there are 4 or more Risen Gems already on the board, deal an extra 50% damage, otherwise 50% chance to create a Risen Gem.



  • Mighty
  • PvP Spell: Tentacle Assault (70 Mana)
    Destroy 3 random columns, dealing 0.5x melee damage for each Blue Gem destroyed.



  • Mighty
  • PvP Spell: Poison Maelstrom (60 Mana)
    Heal for 0.75x Health, if the enemy has Poison, also heal for 0.75x Armor/Resistance.
    • Poison: Poisoned characters take extra damage each turn.

The finest threads, fit for only the mightiest of pseudo-legal maritime procurement specialists!

The new Season has been visually brought in line with our Adventure system! So you can see the Season laid out on the World Map!

  • From Season 2.4 forward, Seasonal Bosses and Mini-Bosses have some tweaks to their AIs to make them more challenging.

  • Mini-Bosses will be able to cast all of their full spells and then proceed to match gems with any remaining AP they have.

  • Bosses will be able to cast all of their full spells, and then proceed to match gems with any remaining AP they have, and also melee attack each turn.

  • We have added more ways to gain bonus points in Versus Tournaments

  • Total bonus points gained for the new goals, and for remaining health, armor and resistance now shown on the results screen, and in your battle history

  • You can now Rematch your old foes in Tourneys!

  • Only your top score will be recorded against a given opponent.

    • While these opponents will continue to not appear as possible opponent options, you will be able to fight a rematch against any of your top scored opponents at any time through the Tourney History menu (this will cost an energy as normal).

    • The opponent’s point value is now displayed on the pre-battle screen

      • A green notification arrow will appear on any opponents that have a higher base point value than what they did when you fought them previously, as well as on the History button when you’re on the Tourney Summary screen.

  • We have added new customization options to select a frame to be shown with your hero or portrait!

  • Current ones are currently unlocked when you reach level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50

  • Unlocked frames can be selected from the profile menu

  • We’ll be adding more frames in future!

  • Added emoji support for in game chat alongside purchase support for future. Two packs are immediately available from release!

  • Emojis can be accessed via the face button next to the chat input box.

  • Text tags have also been added to spice up the chat rooms. They can be used by leading or surrounding the desired text with one of the following tags and can be used in conjunction with one another:

    • [i] – Lead or surrounded text will be italicized
    • [b] – Lead or surrounded text will be bolded
    • [#FF0000] – Lead or surrounded text will be colored using a 6 character hex color value following the #. You can optionally end this effect early by adding a [#] or a color tag anywhere afterwards.

  • Gear Score displays in Story have been replaced with level displays in the form of enemy badges both in the Story menus and in battle. They are distinct in appearance and show the expected difficulty of the Battle in a simplified manner.

  • There are 3 different flavors of the enemy difficulty and badges to go with them – Normal, Elite and Champion. Champion being the most difficult of the 3.

  • Special frames also appear around the pre-battle enemy display, corresponding to a special enemy type. Elite, Champion, Boss and Mini Boss enemies have their own frames; normal enemies do not.

  • With every victory in battle, 10 additional gems will be added to the Merchant Vault. (You’ll see his icon in the post-battle reward screen!)

  • This doesn’t apply to loot tickets. The Merchant is watching you.

  • When the Merchant Vault reaches half of its capacity ( 1000 ), the vault unlocks and you will be able to purchase the contents of the vault. It can be accessed via the Merchant button at the top of the screen.

  • Once the Vault is unlocked, it resets when you: Empty the Vault, or once 2 days have passed

  • The number of Crowns to purchase the accrued gems doesn’t change; you’ll always pay a fixed amount even if you completely fill the vault.

  • Added support for Boosters in the Adventure shop.

  • Premium boosters cost crowns and come with a battle modifier that includes an experience boost.

  • Battle modifiers included in boosters are permanent and remain in effect until the Adventure is complete, even if the Adventure is reset when changing Heroes.

  • Support for unlimited adventure energy added

  • Added Quantities to the Choose a Relic menu for both creating and spending relics

    • This is applied to Eveline’s Crafting Menu, along with any Flash Offers containing Relics in the Choose an Item offer

  • Added additional warning text when salvaging unique minions and spells purchased in the shop

    • If you still go ahead and salvage those spells or minions, you can now re-purchase them in the shop.
  • Added salvage confirmation message even when only salvaging 1 item

  • Optimized some of the newer levels at Very Low quality settings for higher frame rates on low-end mobile devices and PCs.

  • Fixed an issue where wither would apply multiple times

  • Fixed an issue where PvP opponents didn’t have an 80% starting mana limit

  • Fixed an issue where Corrupted Guard Ring was dealing physical damage instead of true damage

  • Fixed path lines in Adventures occasionally overlapping

  • Fixed path lines in all map views to render over the top of the water

  • Fixed an issue where the dungeon Rewards menu caused a soft-lock (restart required)

  • Fixed an issue where PvP battles can display a ‘Unknown Room Error’ when loading the battle

  • Fixed an issue where Fae gift of Poison debuff shows “%1%”

  • Fixed text on adventure nodes being cut off in some languages

  • Fixed Versus Tournament Tasks still showing in the task list after completing them

  • Added icon to Kingdom Defense task in the near completion view

  • Added text to chat menu to show whether you are chat banned, and for how long

  • Gold total in gear/spell upgrade pop-up does not update, preventing upgrade if player collects mail while in the gear screen

    • Can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the screen
  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated- this can cause a loss with the player taking reflected damage before the battle resolves

  • Leaving game in background causes black background

  • Minotaur Paladin tail is way too excited

  • Plague Witch ‘Infuse Poison’ can remove Hero Gems (Imp Gem)

  • “End Turn” appears/remains when there are matches available

  • Doomknight spell icons are displaying as the same icon

  • PQ3 client is causing some devices to overheat

  • Spells being cast prevent the Dwarven Boots Armor bonus from applying

  • Taking enough damage to lose all health from Sharkskin robes effect causes defeat

  • Both opponent and player dying (that results in a loss) causes the shrine to pop-up

  • Eveline is displaying incorrect reward text within the Tavern

  • Citadel Block bonus not applying in battles

  • Error when launching Dragonking’s Prize Adventure Map for the first time

  • Defeat after Enemy takes fatal damage

  • Attribute bonuses displaying incorrectly when viewing tooltips

  • Pirate from Season 2.4 appearing in place of the Villager in Chapter XI

  • [SONY] Replayable Adventures locking after completion

    • Potentially fixed in 2.4
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Reminder: If someone in your Kingdom updates to 2.4 (when it releases) before you, you will be locked out of the Kingdom until you update.

This is not a bug.

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I like what I’m seeing in this chapter on a quick glance, but why no new green spells? That’s 2 chapters in a row of green not getting anything.

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Does this include the Dragon in Kingdom Defend?

I believe it doesn’t include KD Dragons


Oh thank God, I hope you’re right, whew. The playerbase would have lost their minds, lol.

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Update: Only applies to Season battle bosses & mini-bosses

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This applies to ALL former season dungeons, not just dungeons from now on, yes?

Is currently just the 2.4 Season onwards

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Any chance of a few more details on this?

  1. A full list of new goals.
  2. Are there % caps to ones that go up? eg 9+ gem matches 1 gives 1%. How many does 10 9+ gem matches give?
  3. % numbers for ones that go down. eg in the picture life is 80% and you get 8% bonus so it looks like it starts at 10 and drops by one % for every 10% health you loose.

It shows 932 (+30%) as the Tourney Score at the bottom. Is it that the maximum increase is 30% or is that just a coincidence the screenshot has the same as the current max score bonus %.

Love the idea of replaying your top 10. Although I’m hoping there is a max possible % increase on a battle as otherwise the time commitment to get the best score possible against an opponent would be massive.



Thanks for the information but i missed some, please explain the new ways to get bonus points in PvP to us.
(edit: I see shmaunpq was a bit faster than me)

I didn’t read about changes in matchmaking PvP. That means players with a high base-point-value can still take opponents with higher base-point-values out of other leagues (giving them a big advantage), which are not available for players with a lower base-point-value?

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Sweet, the changes to PvPs seem really interesting!
-The rematch option is great, a simple but great way of fixing some issues to only being able to score once with the top opponents.
-The added goals will surely spice things up and add more variety to the builds used for PvPs.

Will we get a further explanation on how each goal works, either here or in the game? My main wonder right now is if there is a score bonus cap that needs only to get some of the goals to reach it (so that you can get the “perfect score” completing different goals), or if there is no limit and all goals can add up to a much bigger bonus than the current 30%, so that the “perfect score” would require completing all goals.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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I don’t suppose that includes pre-update salvages, does it?

So we can’t stack Wither anymore, as we can with Poison?

Please no more effects that are based off of max instead of starting stats…


especially effects that are based off uncapped stats.

Boarding Party is a text mistake, it is using starting resistance. I’ll update the patch notes.

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Also added in the PvP Goals

Thank you for the list. But you have not clarified the point. That is, is the maximum bonus possible now 50%, instead of the old 30%.

Yes, but all of those goals can’t be maxed out all at once.

For example, you can’t have a Turn 1 win and cast a 3rd tier Ultimate and generate 3 different Heroic Efforts.

It will be interesting to see what the optimal balance is between these bonuses.

That said, IMO, it’s disappointing to see that 3% differential between a Turn 1 and 2 win. Spells can’t win on Turn 1 because of the 80% starting mana cap, leaving the only way to win on Turn 1 being continuing to play the CritQuest 3 meta in PvP for the very overpowered skull crits. A 3% scoring differential is a very significant bias towards a skull crit meta to maximize scores.

While stalling for the other bonuses look like they would be potentially worth it the trading of the win speed bonus, that’s a death wish in the competitive meta.

Also, @Jeto, is there a confirmation that the issue requiring players to intentionally tank their PvP strength scores to stay outside of the top 10 strength scores in a given bracket (as has been greatly discussed in the 2.3 PvP thread) to generate competitive leaderboard scores has been fixed in 2.4?