Update 2.2 Patch Notes

This update releases on Tuesday August 1st at 00:00 UTC

The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 UTC) on Tuesday August 8th


Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item.

Trarg Hookblade (Sickle)

Once this curved blade has become embedded in its victim’s body, removal without causing further injury becomes impossible.

  • On Matching this item’s Gem Color there is a 20-35% chance to pick a random Gem of this item’s Gem Color and destroy it and all the gems to the left of it.

Trarg Necklace

With the emblem of the proud Trarg Army in the center, this necklace is a reminder that its wearer is part of something greater.

  • If the enemy is faster than me, there is a 40% chance to create 1-4 Big I Gems at the start of my turn.

Trarg Shoulders

Woven from rare Trarg yak leather, these shoulders provide protection and comfort in the unpredictable climate of the plains.

  • If the enemy is faster than me, Gain 15-30% Light Damage Resistance. If the enemy is slower than me, Gain 15-30% Ice Damage Resistance.

Trarg Helm

The sturdy yak leather wrapped around this golden frame may have cracked over time, but it still offers ample protection.

  • 40-100% Chance to start battle with Haste for 3 turns.

Trarg Gloves

Padded fabric spun from yak wool lines these gloves to make them warm and comfortable.

  • Gain 0.5 – 2% Crit for every 10 Speed above 100.

Trarg Belt

The fabric and tassels hanging from this sturdy belt make it suitable for both ceremonial and practical purposes.

  • Increase my Power by 6-12% if my speed is higher than the enemy’s.

Trarg Regalia Set Bonus

Trarg Regalia I (2 piece set bonus)

  • When matching 8-13 or more Yellow Gems, gain 10 speed.
  • Gain 5-30% All Elemental Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.2 enemies.

Trarg Regalia II (4 piece set bonus)

  • When dealing Ice Damage, there is a 25-50% chance to reduce the enemy’s speed by 25 for 4 turns. If their speed is already 0, gain 10 speed instead.
  • Gain 5-30% Melee & Missile Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.2 enemies.

Trarg Regalia III (6 piece set bonus)

  • When Frozen or Terrified, at start of turn 60-85% chance to consume the status effect and gain 20 speed.
  • Gain 5-30% Power if facing Season 2.2 enemies.

Available only in the Cache items in the Season shop, this item will drop at Legendary rarity.

Sculpted in the image of the Landshark soldiers, these boots are unfortunately too small to fit on a Landshark’s foot. For most other races, however, they are just the right size.

When matching 8 or more gems, 50-80% chance to pick a random gem, and destroy it and any gems below it. If I have haste, pick two random gems instead.


Values in bold are affected by the level or rarity of the spell.

Deep Waves (190 Blue Mana)

Gain 1x Armor and Resistance. If I am under 20-35% Max Health, also deal 1x Ice damage to the enemy.

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Health

Deep Venom (120 Green Mana)

Deal 1x Poison damage, if I am under 20-25% Max Health, also deal +25% extra damage and poison them for 4 turns.

Poison: Poisoned characters take extra damage each turn.

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Max Health

Deep Storm (150 Yellow Mana)

Take 10% of Max Health as Light damage and gain 10 speed, if I am under 20-35% Max Health, also deal 3x Light damage to the enemy.

  • Level: Damage
  • Rarity: Max Health

Deep Magic (100 Purple Mana)

Gain 0.25x Power. If I am below 20-25% Max Health, double the amount.

  • Level: Power
  • Rarity: Max Health


Leg Shark

  • Mighty

  • PvP Spell: Frost Bite (65 Mana)
    Deal 1x damage as ice, with a 25% chance to inflict Freeze on the enemy for 3 turns.

  • Freeze: Frozen characters gain half the amount of Mana from matches.


  • Cunning
  • PvP Spell: Bubble Shot (50 Mana)
    Deal 1.25x Ice Damage, plus bonus damage equal to my highest elemental resistance, dealt as that element.


  • Cunning
  • PvP Spell: Dark Venom (70 Mana)
    Deal 1x Dark Damage and Poison the enemy for 4 turns.
  • Poison: Poisoned characters take extra damage each turn.


  • Speedy
  • PvP Spell: Light Arrow (55 Mana)
    Deal 1x Light damage, +10% for every 10 speed (rounded down) I have above 100.

The Items, Spells, and Minions use new Relics obtainable through the Season Dungeons to evolve.

You too can be just as fancy and comfortable as the Trarg of Trarg!

We’ve added a brand new Tasks Menu to the game, that you can find with the help of good buddy Gong!

We’ve added this because we wanted a central location for

This is where you can see the tasks and goals you could work to achieve in the day all in one place!

Added tab to view all the passes, and progress toward your next rewards… You guessed it- All in one place!

Another one of the things we’ve gathered into the Task Menu is a new Advent Calendar! We’ve sort of informally run these before, but with multiple elements in multiple different places.

Now for special events, you can find all of the activities… Once, again… In one place!

Each Advent Calendar can have the following:

  • Flash Offers associated with the event
  • Giveaways!
  • Special Event Tasks

The time has come for our first major update to PVP!

We had two particular goals with this update:

  • Make leaderboards more competitive rather than clustered
  • Get people more appropriate opponents when matchmaking

  • In Tourneys, you now have the ability to choose from 3 opponents before entering into battle!
    • These opponents are chosen from three different criteria:
      • Level
      • Current Tourney Points
      • Gear score

Your Gear Score is based on the highest Gear Score that can be made from the items you own which adhere to the Tourney’s restrictions, not your currently equipped Gear Score.

The UI for Versus has been updated to reflect the above changes.

  • 3D character previews have replaced the 2D portraits in the pre battle screen.
  • A direct link to the Honor shop has been included in the Versus screen.
  • The Join Tourney screen has been given a refresh.
  • You can also now view the rewards and Leaderboards from a Tourney before joining.

  • Opponents will now be worth a set number of points, based on their perceived strength, rather than every opponent giving the same number of points.

    • The base score has been changed from 1000 to 700, and further increases to the base score are made based on the strength of the opponent
    • The strength of the opponent is determined by their stats
  • The bonus to your score based on your current win streak has been removed (but you’ll still get to see your current win streak)

  • There will now be bonuses instead of detriments to the final score based on your Armor, Resistance, and Life remaining at the end of battle.

    • Bonus of up to 10% each based on the armor, resistance, and life remaining (for up to a total of +30%)
  • The turn detriment to scoring has been removed, so winning faster does not guarantee the highest score

    • This in particular is because the turn detriment was forcing people into builds that were not fun in order to play optimally. This just wasn’t particularly enjoyable for the person putting the build together or their opponent.

  • Both the Tier Rewards for Tourneys, as well as the Leaderboard rewards have been updated. Rewards will now increase as the Player climbs Leagues in each Tourney.

    • Generally this will be an increase to all rewards, except for:
      • First place in the Open Tourney Leagues
      • Places 2 & 3 in the Bronze League which has seen a slight reduction
  • The total scores required for rewards have also been updated to reflect the changes to the scoring.

  • Honor rewarded from each battle has also increased slightly as you climb Leagues.

  • We recommend updating your version before participating in Tourneys in order to receive the updated rewards and experience.

  • Tourney rotations will reset with the beginning of Season 2.2.

  • The Elite Tourney weapon group pool has been expanded to include two more groups of weapons:

    • Daggers, Crossbow, and Bows
    • Falchions, Two-Bladed Swords, and Staffs
  • New items have been added to the Honor Shop

    • Diamond Key
      • 720 Honor
    • Epic Relic
      • Level 25+, 600 Honor, 5x per week
    • Legendary Relic
      • Level 35+, 1800 Honor, 5x per week
    • Armor Glyph
      • Level 35+, 2000 Honor, 1x per week
Open Tourneys

Restricted Tourneys

Elite Tourneys

  • To add more variety to Adventures, we’ve now added support for Blocked Nodes! These are nodes that will be blocked unless a requirement is met. e.g:
    • Hero class
    • Adventure difficulty

  • The Adventure shop can now be accessed through a button in the top right of the Adventure Map.
    • The shop is now split into:
      • The Energy tab for Energy-related items
      • The Powerups tab, for crystals and potions etc

  • We’ve added Auto-Advance into the Conversation Menu, which will automatically move onto the next Conversation item without the need to interact with the game
    • You will still need to make your choice when provided with an option
    • Enabling Auto-Advance will still allow you to interact with the Conversations as per normal, so feel free to mix and match how to interact with Conversations!
    • This can be toggled on from the Top Right of the Conversation menu
  • Added new Conversation specific options to the Settings Menu General Tab
    • Text Animation Speed – Changed the speed that the text animates during conversations. This can be changed from Very Slow to Very Fast.
    • Auto Advance Conversations – Enable or disable Auto-Advancing from outside of conversations
    • Advance Interval Time – The amount of time before the conversation will auto-advance to the next conversation piece. This is to help provide players their amount of time they want before going to the next step.

  • Final attack damage in a battle shows for longer before fading out

  • Added button to access the kingdom leaderboard to the title bar in the kingdom menu

  • Added wallet button back onto the header in the shop menu

  • Added possible minion and crystal rewards to Dungeon reward menu

  • Collecting and Crafting from followers will now generally use the smaller wallet popup, if a minion, item, spell or extra inventory slots are gained, then it will use the full screen reward menu

  • Added confirmation popup before spending gems on follower crafting

  • Added scroll bar and a larger gradient mask to the Chest Slots to make it clearer that the area can be scrolled if not all slots are visible.

  • Improved readability on the bonus key and duration text when sending minions to open chests

  • Item tooltips now auto-scroll when the text exceeds the size, rather than shrinking the text

  • Fixed issue with Autoplay causing endless-casts when no matches are available
  • Tourney Trophy bonuses are now correct
  • Fixed issue where player dying during long Gem Cascade causes soft lock
  • Fixed issue where Arachnophobia prompt fails to display the first time a spider is encountered
  • Fixed issue where Plague Priest’s Aura of Antharg healed more than intended
  • Fixed issue where Basilisk’s Poisonous Hide updated so that the first of the 2 turn duration is not immediately consumed
  • Eldritch Wrap Fixed: Correctly applies Doom to enemy instead of self, and correctly only applies to physical damage
  • Fixed issue where the game doesn’t automatically assign a new main hero when the current main hero is deleted
  • Fixed issue where Dwarven Boots would trigger more than once per turn.

  • Rarity color is no longer missing from certain spell descriptions
  • Fixed issue where the player’s selected Hero character appears over the enemy character in the enemy’s information window when the user selects the ‘?’ Option.
  • Fixed background environment not reloading in on some menus after looking at the change hero menu

  • Fixed issue with overly sensitive pinch to zoom
  • Fixed issue where Flash offer bonus reward icons appear blurred
  • Fixed issue where recommended adventure difficulty was selecting ‘Ultimate’ instead of expected difficulty

  • Fixed issue where kingdoms could get reset twice changing the bazaar deals.
  • Fixed issue where VIP rewards could not be collected if you used the badge in the system bar

  • Gold total in gear/spell upgrade pop-up does not update, preventing upgrade if player collects mail while in the gear screen

    • Can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the screen
  • ‘Rooster’s Crow’ passive is not triggering when 10+ yellow gems are matched

    • Also Alpha Crow
  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated- this can cause a loss with the player taking reflected damage before the battle resolves

  • Leaving game in background causes black background

  • Minotaur Paladin tail is way too excited

  • Plague Witch ‘Infuse Poison’ can remove Hero Gems (Imp Gem)

  • When the board is in a state where there are no Gems in that moment available to match, the “End Turn” prompt will appear. This can happen:

    • If a large amount of Gems have been destroyed in a move and new Gems have fallen in
    • When selecting to undo a move in AP mode
    • After casting a spell to replace Gems and new matches are now available.
  • On some devices, there is a small line on the edge of the Hero spell icons in the Hero select screen

    • Fixed in 2.3
  • Issue with the way Warlords Battleaxe applies damage

  • Doomknight has duplicate spell icons

  • PQ3 causing some devices to overheat (iOS/Android/Xbox Series X)

  • Some Premium Skin have incorrect descriptions of where they are attained

  • Curing Doom immediately triggers true damage of remaining stacks

    • Fixed in 2.3
  • Game soft locks when defeating an enemy in Dungeon mode then restarting the game while the Altars are visible then continuing the battle

  • The description text for the Trarg II gear bonus exceeds the bounds of the UI element

  • Items in the Adventure shop do not appear


I’m happy to hear that PvP matchmaking is moving away from gear-score tanking, and that scoring is moving away from turn-0 wins being mandatory.

But I’m concerned about the sole source of PvP bonus points being high ending armor/resistance/life. This could incentivize players to bring intentionally slow loadouts that avoid taking out the opponent until the player has an opportunity to fully heal. Which is likely to be not-fun in a different way than before.


The PvP changes sound promising, I hope they help making it more fun and enjoyable!

Thanks for your hard work.

I believe that this changes allow for higher build diversity. For example, you can still go with 1st turn killing builds to defeat the opponent before they damage you, but now plenty of other builds can be useful too such as tanky builds to reduce damage, debuffing builds, stunnint builds… I believe there are enough ways of healing/recovering armor and resistance to allow for a good diversity of PvP loadouts.

However, we will have to wait to see how the new PvPs actually develop before we can make any conclusion.

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Here’s my proposal for a PvP scoring system that tries to reward players for playing well in their own preferred playstyle:

  • Matching subscore: earned by making large matches, many matches in a turn, h-stuns, and v-cleanses.
  • Spell dominance subscore: earned by casting spells with a higher total mana cost than the opponent. There are a variety of ways to slow down opponent casting including disease, stun, mana drain, and keeping their colors off the board.
  • Flair subscore: earned by dealing a massive killing blow.
  • Unbreakable subscore: earned by keeping armor/resistance/life high throughout the match (not just at the end).
  • Speed subscore: earned by winning with few turns and few spell casts.

To reward players for the strongest aspects of their play, the highest subscore is multiplied by 5, and the next-highest subscore is multiplied by 3, before the subscores are totaled.

So if I have aquired totally useless Legendary item (from chests, from cache), with no intention to ever use it in PVP (wrong skills, mixed risk/reward in gameplay as in the corrupted set) I should scrap it, or will get penalty and stronger opponents.
There are Kingdom defense builds, Storyline builds, and PVP builds. If I have an item, it doesn’t mean it is appropriate in PVP usage.


Cool developments.

Sad the AP/Timer mode selection is still buried in the settings menu instead of a toggle on the screen before a battle

Any chance of getting some information as to how the leaderboards will work in 2.2. I couldn’t see anything about it in the patch notes. Currently your 10 best battles form your leaderboard score and because there is a maximum score per battle it means that multiple people finish in first each getting 500 gems.

  1. Is there a maximum score you can get for PVP now?
  2. Are there gem rewards for placing on the leaderboards? And how are they structured?
  3. If there are gem rewards for the leaderboards how do they differ between the different levels and tournaments?

Known Issues not on the list: Both of which I have come across this week.

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I think I have the new system mostly figured out, reading between the lines. If I’m right, the forums are going absolutely explode on weekly reset this week.

So, my tinfoil hat theories:

The score for beating an opponent with 3300 Gear Score times 1.3 for reaching the maximum 10% scoring bonus for Life, Armor, and Resistance each in raw numbers, not percentages.

From the thread :

It looks like Restricted pays out double Open tourney gems, with Elite paying out triple.

That said, I strongly believe that because scoring is based on your gear score (for the 10% bonuses) and the gear score of the opponent (for enemy strength determining base score), walking into any tourney without the absolute most powerful setup/gear score you can field is a suicide mission. Especially with:

Because scoring is based on gear score, higher gear scored players will float to the top of the leaderboard. As such, the game is going to throw top-of-the-leaderboard opponents to players because of their point value to “help” those players reach the top of the leaderboard (for competitive purposes, aka score rubberbanding).

Expect the leaderboard positions to be differentiated by 1-2 points each on something silly like 40-50k point scores to prevent ties from occurring anymore.

So, expect each color’s PvP to be completely dominated in Champion league by players whose main is of that color and their main have gear scores of 3000+ and likely 3200+.

It’s been a fun ride in PvP to this point, except for the ever-increasing number of kamikaze naked players with Mythic 50 weapons. Mentally preparing for the new reality of drastically reduced PvP gems (except for Green tournies) and Honor per week and adjusting accordingly.

EDIT: Why raw numbers and not percentages? A player with L45/M45/M50 gear has much higher stat numbers than players in E35 gear, and as such the game will reward players with higher stat numbers with higher scoring bonuses. Also, such a change also greatly rewards players with have grinding out the citadel to 100, 150, and even 200+, because those +stat bonuses will stack on top of the gear stat scoring bonuses for even higher point payouts. Clever.

Update 2.2 has just started releasing!

Just a small reminder, if you are not on the latest version (2.2) and others in your Kingdom are, then you will not be able to access the Kingdom tab till you have updated.

Also, if you have updated on your PC/mobile but not on your Xbox, you won’t be able to launch your Xbox account till you have updated your console too.

Gong’s task menu is just great! I am really glad we finally get a single place where we can check if we have done every daily taks. I also appreciate the improvements in follower crafting and collecting. Thank you!


I would like to join the gratitude for the QoL improvements. I have a feeling that the game has become a bit faster, or smoother, and it seems like my phone is not heating like before. I’m curious to see if other people notice improvement in that area.

About the new PvP system - I am very happy about the rewards. I was surprised to see a glyph in the honor shop. I don’t think it existed before.


Any chance of a refresh option on the PVP opponents (downwards)? Ran into a couple of choices that were out of my league.

Hi all,

I’ve added a couple of things to the patch notes:

PVP changes:

  • New items have been added to the Honor Shop
    • Diamond Key
      • 720 Honor
    • Epic Relic
      • Level 25+, 600 Honor, 5x per week
    • Legendary Relic
      • Level 35+, 1800 Honor, 5x per week
    • Armor Glyph
      • Level 35+, 2000 Honor, 1x per week

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed issue where Dwarven Boots would trigger more than once per turn.

@Heno3HaTaTa I also feel that the game is running slightly quicker and smoother, on PS5 at least.

I would still really appreciate the ability to set Autobattle/Autoplay to stay on by default, instead of having to manually engage it for every battle.

Servers are having all sorts of load issues at the moment with the weekly refresh/season rollover.

EDIT: Looks like the situation is improving; servers just chugged for much longer than usual after reset this week.

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Naming inconsistency with Season 2.2 Heroic Gems:

Enemy spells refer to Heroic Gems as Shark Gems.

Heroic Gems on the game board are referred to as Deep Gems.

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I got this error on all but one try at the dungeon battle. The game restarted and a battle token was gone.


Same here… game restarted mid battle

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