Update 2.2 Patch Notes

Recently lost one of my daily battles for season 2.2.

and also lost one of my PvP battles

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@shmaunpq your Season errors are the same as @BabyChins, this is due to Deep Gems trying to destroy non-matchable Gems underneath it - reported to the team!

But Your PvP error is due to something else… looking into it now

@Jeto Ailile just texted me that she experienced the same PvP crash.

EDIT: She managed to get a screengrab before the crash and says the crash was caused by win via spell Reflect (Light Crash from the AI side, it looks like).

Code: RE-4RS5UL9Z

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@Lyrian can you find out what actions were taken before this screenshot, just so I can include them with the error code for the team

On the player side before ending the turn over to the AI side?

In the screenshot, AI side casted Light Crash (see empty first spell), which reflected off the player’s reflect buff (see red box on player side), which defeated the AI side via the reflected damage and generated the crash message.

2-turn reflect buff on the player side suggests that the reflect buff might have come from the mirror shield and probably not Resh.

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Fix already in the works! Will be in 2.2.1.

Also fix coming in 2.2.1

@Jeto I recently lost one of my daily Season’s Dungeon battles, too. It was the last opponent (the purple humanoid-like) on diff VI. An error message flashed for half a second, and the game restarted. I did’t get back into battle, so I lost a daily sigil too.

@KerGiz can you pop this into a ticket for me please - in case I have any further questions about your account.

Pesky issue were a crash message occurs upon completing the guild-wide bazaar purchase quota prize keeps resurrecting its ugly head every update,

Crashed on my first fight against the season… I hope you are going to give us a way to get these attempts back…

This was right after I made my first matches and the turn ended, noting special, no new gear.

@00h00m can you send through a ticket please - as mentioned above this is caused by the Deep Gem being matched and attempting to destroy unmatchable gems in the column underneath it, will be fixed in 2.2.1

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@Lyrian was this made right at or around daily reset?
Also is the purchase available still or did you end up receiving it?

Somewhat close to reset (first 10 mins), easy to reach that goal at the beginning of the bazaar month when the purchase quota is quite small.

Yes, on the purchase still being available. Upon restart, and re-entering the bazaar, it is in the same state as when the purchase that completed the quota was made. Purchase usually goes through on the 2nd time around. Normal behavior for the bazaar after one of these crashes.

Please fix your broken pvp system. It has really become a joke

Trargy is not a cunning minion but a speed minion.

This looks like it was just copied incorrectly to the blog/forum - I’ll edit that now

Not fixed. If autoplay is trying to cast Gold Sense when there is no target available AND no possible matches on the board it just endless casts Gold Sense. It does not “end turn” to progress the battle.

Autoplay popping up again should be resolved (again) in 2.3!

Hard-lock freeze with the new Landshark opponent in Chapter 3.

Culprit here appears to be starting the encounter with Resh’s reflect buff. Encounter runs normally if a reflect buff is not up on the player side.

Also, that’s a really long arm/weapon on the Sharkman. Insert Mutiny joke here. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Chapter 3 Dungeon Boss appears before the Mini-Boss.

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