Update 2.2 Patch Notes

Reproduced them this morning @Lyrian!

And yeah the initial hard lock is the damage from reflect is being bounced back and forth - team is looking into them now.

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Going to throw a challenge flag on something that’s been around for quite a long time.

With today’s Adventure, Khazduli Expedition has rolled around again.

One of the merchants in the Adventure has always had this loadout:

Isn’t the Guard Relic the default Mythic relic shown when a Mythic relic offer is miscoded?

In the Flametree and Dreamhold Expeditions, the merchant offering the 1000 Gem Mythic relic offer, yields one extra Mythic relic from that season.


Credit attributed to @ALP for keeping highly accurate historical merchant Adventure data for our guild.

So, shouldn’t that Guard relic actually be a Khazduli relic? Can you verify this with the Team, @Jeto?


If I remember correctly, Khazdhuli expedition was the first “expedition” adventure, well ahead of the other 2 (it appeared on the 15th of March, while the other 2 didn’t appear until around June), so I thought that when designing the latter they decided to add the second, purchasable relic.

Whatever the reason, I would like Khazdhuli expedition to also offer a seasonal mythic relic in the shop, instead of a Guard relic. If it is being done in the other 2 adventures, why not in this one?

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Waiting to hear back from the team about the Merchant relic!


So, now that this is a thing, what are the odds of the Team giving players the opportunity to buy the missing Khazduli relic from the just concluded Adventure via a one-time flash offer (for the intended 1k gems) on an upcoming flash offer calendar off-day?


Thank you Lyrian for raising the issue of this adventure, now it will take me less time to gather those needed relics.

That one-time flash offer seems a great idea. Or… just make it so that we have the adventure soon again :grin: (thankfully wishing on fallen stars is free… Although our heroes may not agree on that :laughing:)

Could the description be updated please? It really should read Critical Chance not just Crit. If you are looking in your inventory it is not clear if they increase Critical Chance or Critical Damage. Also you can’t find them using the search function if you search for critical or chance.

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Passed this on to be updated to “critical chance”, also in the meantime, you can search for these gloves with “crit” - as the gear filter won’t search for part of a work, but that should be resolved once it’s updated! :sparkles: