Hotfix Update 2.2.1

This is releasing on Sony first, as there are some critical purchasing and PS+ Reward issue fixes within this hotfix for Sony specifically.
Sony is also totally separate from all other platforms, so we can release on Sony without affecting any other platform.

Once Xbox, Google and iOS pass their submissions, they will release all at once. We will also leave a comment in here one it goes live on the other platforms.

Hotfix Patch Notes

Versus Tournament Matchmaking

  • Matchmaking will now use the perceived strength of yourself and your opponents, rather than gear score. - This will take into account your overall power level and results in much more accurate matchmaking than only matchmaking based on Gear Score
  • Hero avatars will only have their gear updated if they have increased in power from what was stored previously.
  • If an appropriate opponent can’t be found within your Tourney’s League, other leagues in the same Tourney will be searched as well.

This is something we will continue to monitor!

Quality of Life

  • The friends list menu is now available when in battle
  • Added spell description to purchase confirmation description

Bug Fixes


  • Curing Doom immediately triggered true damage of remaining stacks]
  • Game soft locked when defeating an enemy in Dungeon mode, restarting the game while the Altars are visible then continuing the battle]
  • Fixed an error that occurs when a Deep Gem destroys a non-matchable Gem (Death, Imp, Treasure)


  • [PlayStation Only] Redeeming Azure Crusader’s Bundle prevented shop from opening
  • If the Debuff tutorial is triggered from being stunned by the enemy, the game would no longer continue until the tutorial is dismissed
  • Condensed Trarg Gearset bonus text to avoid text overlapping
  • Corrected the displayed number of items selected when salvaging a single equipped item
  • The description text for the Trarg II gear bonus exceeded the bounds of the UI element
  • Salvage displayed multiple results when only 1 item in inventory
  • Graphical issue on Hero spells in Hero select screen
  • Prinny & Wenge’s elements now match their spells as Dark


  • Fixed pink sections on Trarg Bowman
  • Weapon effects will now correctly scale to match the weapon
  • Fixed 3D character renders not appearing at Very Low quality
  • Fixed rendering effect of the Assassin’s ultimate spell at various levels

Reminder: As with any update - if anyone within your Kingdom updates to 2.2.1 before you get to update, you will not be able to access your Kingdom until you update to the latest version. This is not a bug.


So if anyone playing on playstation gets this update the rest of the kingdom is going to be affected.
That doesn’t seem fair.

There is no crossplay between Sony and any other platform.

So as mentioned, like with any update, Sony players in a Kingdom (with only other Sony players) will need to update to be able to access their Kingdom if they get a version message.

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I just thought there was no cross save with Playstaytion. Thanks for the clarification.

If this works as it is intended it should fix two frustrating issues currently showing in PvP:
-Strongest opponents not being able to finish first.
-Changing gears or using lower power gear to deny points to competitors.

Thank you for the fast response to our suggestions to improve PvPs, I hope these changes help making them better.

I have a question about this part. I understand this means that other players that play against you will receive points equal to the strongest gear you have used in the tourney. But does it will be also true for pairings? I mean, the matchmaking will also only use the highest perceived strength you have used in the tourney, or will it be based on the one you have at the moment?

Imagine mid tourney you get a new gear piece that works better for PvPs, but it is of lower level than the one you are currently using. Wearing it will make no changes, or will you be paired against weaker enemies even though you keep giving the same number of points?

Thanks for your time.

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This seems to be the opposite of what is being asked for. We want at least 1 of the 3 options to be a harder fight, preferrably to increase our tournament score, not just 3 in the same power band as ourselves. We want a chance to slay the gods of the tournament.

This seems like the right answer to this problem. I am sure someone will figure out how to game the system though. I can forsee someone adding 100 gear score in the last hour to let friends/guildies get a ‘slightly’ better result in the final fights and move into 1st place.

Why not limit the ability to start fighting until enough people join?

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Update: 2.2.1 is releasing on all remaining platforms today (in about an hour)!

Reminder: As with any update - if anyone within your Kingdom updates to 2.2.1 before you get to update, you will not be able to access your Kingdom until you update to the latest version. This is not a bug.

I just wanted to say that since the hotfix it seems that the issue of “stronger” players (those that give more points) gettting lower placement than “weaker” players has been fixed. Good work on that.

In fact, the final placement of each player seems to be mostly decided by their “strength” (points their give), with some minor impact of luck with the matchings and of ability to finish with max score.

Now it would be nice if you can find a way to make ability have a bigger impact, to allow players with lower strength to be able to compete against the strongest Beasts. Or, another possibility would be to increase the number of tourney ranks. Otherwise, playing PvPs can get boring and lead to lack of motivation when you realize it will be impossible to compete with the strongest players that have been playing since the beginning.

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