1.5.6 Hotfix Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

Today we are releasing a “small” hotfix and as you will see below we have a list of changes that were pushed over the past couple of weeks as well.

Quality of Life

  • Heroic Gems should be intractable as expected (instead of being unable to select/activate them)
  • Made slight changes to Autoplay so it should play better in AP mode
    • Should cast spells slightly more often
    • Slightly less chance to pick colors which are not relating to the Player Spells
    • Slightly higher chance to pick colors which will deny the enemy their spell colors
  • Added Controller Bumper Support to the Season Archive Chapter Replay Menu

Live Fixes

Changes have already been pushed to live

Updated Steam DLC item names

(Live from February 8th)

We have been discussing this with the community for a while. The names on some items in our Steam DLCs were confusing and lead players to (understandably) assume that these items would contribute to a set bonus.
We have changed the names accordingly to make it clear that these are special stand-alone items and have compensated all of the affected players accordingly!

  • Serpentine Flame Ring is now “Flame Ring”
  • Jeweled Golden Grasp is now “Golden Grasp”

Other Miscellaneous Updates

  • Serpentine Pauldrons: Poison now has a duration (Live from February 2nd)
  • Initial crafting seed is now randomizing correctly (Live from February 3rd)
  • “Beam of Light” and “Sword of Light” now let you choose the target row (Live from February 2nd)
  • Double/hidden second Kingdom Defense removed - intended Kingdom scores now show as expected (Live from February 7th)
  • Oberron’s Belt is now giving the appropriate % boost to the Power core stat - Going out later today

Known Issues

  • An error ‘kingdom name already in use’ message is displayed creating a kingdom even though the player disbanded the same name kingdom.
    • Fixed in 2.0
  • Co-op battles can become out of sync or crash.
    • The developers are continuously investigating this issue.
  • Global Mail with No Rewards still shows Rewards to Collect
  • Gold total in gear/spell upgrade pop-up does not update, preventing upgrade if player collects mail while in the gear screen
  • Sound effects delay in sped up battles
  • 'Dark Ice, Cold Snap, Channel Ice, Darkness and Channel Dark’ Spells are converting power Gems into regular Gems instead of expected power into power gems
  • ‘Rooster’s Crow’ passive is not triggering when 10+ yellow gems are matched
  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated.
  • Altar of War is giving incorrect damage bonuses
  • Negative PVP Score on opponent.
  • Visual issue - Spell icons for Basilisk (blue) and Gnoll Demolitionist (Yellow) spells are the wrong colour for the mana they charge from. Basilisk is displayed as green and Gnoll Demolitionist is displayed as Blue.

Can we also possibly confirm whether there is any randomization problems with the Seasonal Caches? After opening 75 Ultimate Caches for Season 1.3, I didn’t get any Resh Crystals or Oberon’s Keybelt. The probability of this outcome is something like 0.04%

You forgot the ongoing issue about PVP scores being hugely negative for some players. Two more from today.

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Ah! Yes, I was following that one up @Ketaped and missed adding it.

As for Seasonal Caches, it is on the list.


It’s not fixed. It’s still giving ~0.5% power boost and not 10% at Mythic. :pensive:

Playing on build 25774, which I believe is the hotfix (still shows 1.5.5 ingame).

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@Lyrian it should go out later today but will edit the patch notes to reflect that.

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Do you mean it is still giving incorrect damage bonuses?
No longer giving correct damage bonuses?

@Mythos took me way too long to realise where I had gone wrong in that sentence :person_facepalming: Altar of War is no longer giving correct damage bonuses, thus is giving an incorrect damage bonus.

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Blank name field on the story segment after completing Chapter 3. Part 10.



Great to know that the auto-play issues after 1.5 update have been addressed. Thank you!

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Odds and ends…

  • Typo present in Armor Glyph flash offer template.


  • Visual issue with Ultimate spell meter when being diseased and losing the last charge in the Ultimate meter because of the disease debuff during the player’s turn still present in 1.5.6.


Server error interacting with the guild bazaar.

Purchase would have obtained the guildwide reward, which may have been what caused the error condition.


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@Lyrian after restarting were you able to make the purchase? And do you know if someone else in your Kingdom was potentially also making purchases at the same time?

Afterwards, yes. Purchase worked as expected after restarting.

Likely, as the error occurred shortly after daily reset. With only 10 purchases needed for the guild bazaar prize on Day 2 of the bazaar/quest pass cycle, it would not have taken much at all for the guild to reach those 10 purchases.

It is quite possible that someone else in the guild made a similar qualifying purchase for the guild reward at roughly the same time as me to potentially confuse the server.

I just wanted to say that after using the “new” auto-play for a week I do see a clear improvement of this feature and therefore, as you state in the patch notes, a nice improvement in my quality of life (only to the part related to this game, your changes are good but not that much :grin:).

Thank you very much for all your work on trying to make this game as fun and enjoyable as possible!


Typo… or pending 2.0 change? :thinking:


I hope it’s just a typo.

It do be just a typo! :sparkles:


Another guild bazaar error.

I think this one is the result of the same item being rolled on the both the standard and the VIP side of the guild bazaar for the same currency (in this case, gold coins), confusing the server.