Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes

Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes

Note: The release of Update 1.5.5 has a release window between Tuesday 24th January UTC and Tuesday 31st January UTC due to local holidays and pending final approvals

In order to improve the flow of the main story, we’ve made some further changes to the campaign.

Chapters will now have Mini-Dungeons in the last battle of Part 3 and 6 in each Chapter. These Mini-Dungeons are dungeons against two enemies, with an altar choice between them.

  • There are no boss or mini-boss enemies in Mini Dungeons
  • These battles will now award a Story Cache! (more information below)

We have removed chests dropping from main story battles. Instead of receiving a chest, extra rewards will be received as part of the end of battle rewards.

These rewards vary across battles and chapters, but generally can include extra gold, food, ore, shards, scrolls, runes, or relics.

Season story battles will still drop a chest

Story Caches are unique chest-like rewards at the end of battle which don’t require a key to open. They will automatically open (without keys) when received at the end of battle.

  • Dungeons & Mini-Dungeons award Story Caches in the main story
  • Dungeon mode still awards chests

These notes are a shorter summary of the announcement made in early January.

For full details, see our 1.5.5 Kingdom Updates blog post

With 1.5.5 we are introducing Overkill!

The Kingdom Defense event will now continue for its full duration, and not end immediately upon the boss dying

The boss’s health continues to count down in battle as the Kingdom deals damage to it. However, the boss will always start with at least enough health to match the damage required for Gold rewards so everyone in the Kingdom will be given the opportunity to attempt to achieve Gold.

  • The health bar in the various Kingdom Defense UI screens will count up with damage done, instead of counting down with remaining health.
  • As before, rewards will be sent out at the end of the event
  • You can review the rewards for both success and failure on the Kingdom Defense Rewards screen
  • Pressing the button in the top left of the rewards screen will toggle between success and fail rewards


You must be in the Kingdom as the Kingdom Defense Event begins in order to participate and claim rewards.

The Kingdom Bazaar Purchase Reward Tiers will be brought in-line with the Quest Pass resets.

The Kingdom Bazaar changes will come into effect at the beginning of the next Quest Pass after or in-line with Update 1.5.5 release.

  • Purchase Reward Tiers will reset when the Quest Pass resets every 28 days
  • Purchases will still count towards increasing your Tier
  • Each Purchase Reward Tier can only be collected once per 28 day cycle
  • Your Bazaar Tier
  • Bazaar purchases available will not reset to a lower tier
    • E.g. Your Kingdom gets to Bazaar Purchase Reward Tier 10 by the end of the 28 days. On the first day of the new Bazaar cycle, your Purchase Reward Tier will be reset, but the available purchases will stay at Bazaar Tier 10 and continue to get Tier 10 purchases as long as you maintain the Tier 10 requirements.

As before:

  • You will need to have joined a Kingdom prior to Daily Reset (GMT 00:00) in order to purchase from the Bazaar and earn rewards for that day
  • You can only progress one Bazaar Tier per day

Reward Tiers are changing:

  • There will now be 28 Reward Tiers to match the 28 day reset
  • Tiers 21-28 are our “cooldown” Tiers that will be obtainable at the Tier 20 amount

For full details, see our 1.5.5 Kingdom Updates blog post

  • When it’s not possible to shuffle the board into a matchable state, the board will now clear and mana drain both sides.
    • A message will be displayed in these instances.
  • When a character is stunned, any effects they have which happen at the start of their turn will no longer activate.
  • Adjusted the Versus scoring to account for the extra turns from the enemy hero decreasing the resulting battle score more than intended.
  • Friends menu now counts pending friend requests for total friends label
  • With the removal of Chests from main story battles, an adjusted open chest tutorial will play on the first chest received at the end of battle.
  • Starter and chapter pack menus have been visually reworked and chapter packs now also include item choices.

  • The speed stat has been surfaced and is now visible next to the power and vitality stats in gear, profile and battle info menus

  • Controller Bumper Icons have been added to the Kingdom Menu

  • Adventure “Persistent health” will now display correctly (No longer always showing ‘yes’) within the Adventure Info drop-down
  • Restarting while accruing matched/exploded/destroyed skulls will no longer remove them from above the gem board
  • Can no longer enter adventure battles while in a party
  • Can no longer enter adventure battles without a weapon
  • Some Flash offers displayed Graphical issues and were unpurchasable
  • Kingdom Defense battles occasionally appeared as both successful and failed via a mail double up (The loss reduced your current Tier)
  • Getting a skull match while stunned caused a soft lock
  • Filling the puzzle board with any Heroic Gem (and only heroic Gems) causes the game to crash and produce an error
  • Enemies dying via the burning effect will prevent the following opponent from appearing/the battle from ending
  • ‘Brimstone’ is no longer affecting both the player and the enemy
  • Matching Skulls while stunned no longer causes a soft lock

  • Adventure node UI no longer appears and obscures view when zooming into the top area of the map
    • Changing your ‘Favorite Minion’ does not update the chosen favorite in your collection until changing current minion selected
    • Zooming on the Character Popup Menu no longer requires you to be hovering over the character on controller
    • Filtering Minions by ‘Might, Speed & Cunning’ does not sort/re-organize the collection.
    • Ability bars display as full when they aren’t ready to be cast during events with ‘Spell Rush’

  • Changing your currently active hero while in the Tavern (Followers, Minions or Goals Tab) does not change the displayed character to the expected selected hero
    • Cannot Cast pop-up no longer appears for everyone in Party
    • Some Lightbringer set items were displaying a typo
    • Visual effects wouldn’t play when Enemy Heroes cast spells in Versus.
    • Enemy portraits were overlapping in co-op battles

  • Fixed crash when purchasing multiple stocks of gear, spells, or minions.
  • The Friends List limit can no longer be exceeded, however players who are currently over this limit will not have their number of friends reduced.
  • Fixed soft lock when closing adventure mode using the cross/close button in the top right.
  • Fixed error when attempting to acquire a Buff or Debuff Modifier during an adventure

  • Global Mail with No Rewards still shows Rewards to Collect
  • Sound effects delay in sped up battles
  • Gold total in gear/spell upgrade pop-up does not update, preventing upgrade if player collects mail while in the gear screen
  • Can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the screen
  • Oberron’s Belt power boost is only giving 1% instead of the expected 10% power boost
  • ‘Dark Ice, Cold Snap, Channel Ice, Darkness and Channel Dark’ Spells are converting power Gems into regular Gems instead of expected power into power gems
  • ‘Rooster’s Crow’ passive is not triggering when 10+ yellow gems are matched
  • When Language is set to German, some phrases or segments of text are still appearing in English
  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated- this can cause a loss with the player taking reflected damage before the battle resolves


(Still) Known Issue:

  • Oberron’s Belt power boost is only giving 1% instead of the expected 10% power boost


Ok, 64k Gem question that everyone is going to ask, so might as well get it out of the way now…

Unless the patch lands exactly at the moment of the planned release window (this coming weekly reset), the patch will miss the beginning of the next Quest Pass.

This likely means the changes will be coming in-line with the planned release date for the update next week, whatever day that ends up being. How is this going to work on release day? Will the update be forced to avoid a situation similar to the PvP one when 1.5.0 launches?

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Given that keys continue to be devalued since the early access/launch, is it possible that some consideration can be given to changing the kingdom crest rewards from keys to something else, let’s say Marks? The key rewards are incredibly outdated and have very little value. It would be nice to receive something more rewarding for player activity in kingdoms.


Any chance of having this new scoring articulated so we don’t have to sleuth it out like we have had to do in the past?


This + VIP (and quest pass)

Sure :slight_smile:
Two chances buckley’s and none

  • I’ve passed on the feedback about Keys in Kingdom Crest rewards

  • Following up on Oberron’s Belt this morning. But once I get some more information I’ll update here or edit this post to include it.

  • The update is definitely set within the window we have described, so it will still be in line with the next Quest Pass

  • Versus scoring information from the development team “the points have been halved for each turn, from 10 down to 5, to account for the extra turn the enemy takes. This means scores should be similar to what was seen previously”

  • Don’t think it was mentioned here, but also shared feedback about Season specific Spells with a Stock of 1 being available again. Ideas discussed so far that once a Season is in the Archive, there is no longer a Stock limit on these spells, or rotating offers for these Season only spells.
    This would be beneficial for anyone who purchased a Season spell and either accidentally or intentionally salvaged this spell.


Thanks Jeto for the update - great to see the communication!

Can this please be done for Minions too?

I already mentioned in the 1.5 thread we have Minion changes on the way :sparkles:

Jumping in here again

1.5.5 is expected to release at tomorrow’s reset time!

When the update goes live, the Kingdom tab in-game will be locked for anyone still on 1.5 to prevent any issues between players on 1.5.5 and those who have yet to update to 1.5, especially with the changes coming to Kingdoms.


Maybe I am reading this wrong. But I can’t figure out how this solves the problem.

What I mean is this:

Prior to 1.5, in order to achieve max score, you had to cast spells and kill on turn zero. Because it was possible to cast and kill on turn zero, it meant that anyone wanting max rewards had to do that.

In 1.5 two things changed. First, it is no longer possible to cast and kill on turn zero. Yay! Awesome. This means everyone no longer has to wear the same gear and do the same thing to max their score! Except no. Because, second, now there are turns between our turns. So… since it is POSSIBLE to match skulls and kill on turn 0.5 (our half of the first turn) to achieve max score, it forces us to all to do exactly that. 1.5 did not solve the problem of everyone being forced into a very narrow meta. It just changed what that very narrow meta is.

If I am reading correctly, it sounds like only the points for turns have changed in 1.5.5 and not the fact that the enemy turns now count. If so, then we will still be forced to kill on turn 0.5 with skulls, in order to achieve max score.

Not only is this skull-fall-slot-machine incredibly boring and tedious, it also pretty much rules out using AP for pvp.


I for one am having a ball of a time farming for complete bloodfang sets in every color, filling up all my new Northelm crafted storage


This is my take as well. I explained here the issue and I still don’t see how the developers’ response deals with the issue.

Whether you get 10 or 5 doesn’t matter. It still comes down to requiring a build that generates enough skulls to eliminate your opponent on the first turn. This has also driven numerous players to return to the “Conan” build, where by you essentially equip a high level weapon and nothing else so as to match with another undergeared opponent to minimize the number of skulls needed to win that first round.

The developers can’t possibly think this is a “better” result? :thinking:


The meta has shifted from 0 matches to 1 match. Developers are seeing this as a win, case closed

I really hope that Kingdom Crest rewards are improved. Right now I do very little damage to the dragon in the Kingdom Defense. My biggest contribution is getting Kingdom Crests, but since the rewards are so low for seasoned members, it feels I am making no relevant contribution to my Kingdom.

Thank you very much for taking our concerns and feedback into consideration.


Thank you for passing along the feedback about the season specific spells much appreciated @Jeto

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Having the Bazaar Tier progress bar hidden away in the Info button is sure to cause confusion and pain for kingdom leaders trying to maximise the kingdom’s efforts.

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On steam

Restarted steam, computer and verified files.

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@Cookie did you want to shoot through a ticket so I can send you some troubleshooting to go through.

So, the pvp solution doesn’t appear to be what we wanted. Now a skull kill match on your first turn will get you 2488. Spell kill on your second turn will get the 2475. Functionally no different than prepatch really.

Presumably we want both to be 2475.