1.2 Bug Fix Update

Hey Adventurers!

Here with a quick update on a few bugs that have been reported:

  • Game crashing when trying to open Seasonal Chests - Fixed! You should no longer be encountering this issue

  • Being able to accidentally purchase Seasonal Skins multiple times- Fix is also live!

  • Lastly, Relic Types received from Kingdom Defense appeared to be given out incorrectly - This was a communication error on our part. The Relic Types are being given out correctly. If your Kingdom’s Defense attempt fails this results in a lower tier of rewards being given, thus resulting in the lowered Relic Tier. This was intended to be communicated in-game through the Kingdom Defense Rewards text, but this was missed. We apologise for the confusion and this text is being added shortly.

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Booo!! Hissss!! Boo Hiss!


Can this be clarified a bit? Was the intention to reduce Gold medals to silver as well? Or just the contents of the rewards?

So… as a guild would normally expect to have failed defense runs at least half of the time (win a day at a guild’s maximum potential, lose the next, win again, rinse lather repeat), what is even the point for participating in kingdom defenses at all if you know the guild can’t win that day and that at best you will receive personal rewards that are utterly irrelevant to your account?

Why was a game mode created that is utterly pointless to play 50% of the time because there are zero personal incentives to play a kingdom defense where it is literally impossible for a guild to win on those days, as any possible personal Silver/Gold incentives for personal incentive/advancement are automatically downgraded into irrelevance on these days as punishment?


Honestly, you guys come off as complete hacks with this stuff happening over and over again. The bug on opening chests with daggers in them is really a masterpiece of incompetence all the way from Devs, through QA, and then almost a whole week of release to get fixed, bravo!

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I’m glad @Lyrian joined #teamplayers! He’s absolutely correct. This is a horrible design decision and needs to be rethought. The rates to get a reward that is even desirable is somewhere between 8-12% based on relevant Tiers and then of course as always its random what you get. By providing reduced Basic (for all) and Silver/Gold Rewards you have nearly ensure that every other day people will just not play the event and be disappointed with no chance at anything worthwhile. Making the collection of resources challenging is one thing; turning the game into “punishment” is another thing entirely.


To be clear it’s not just a lower Relic Tier, it appears to be a lower Silver/Gold Reward Tier. From what I’ve seen a failed defense results in your Silver/Gold Reward Tier being reduced by four Tiers (e.g. you fail Tier X but qualify for Silver/Gold, your Silver/Gold rewards are from Tier VI).

@OminousGMan will the updated language be explicit about which Tier rewards you are receiving? Also 4 Tiers reduction feels a bit harsh.

Also, apparently Tier Silver/Gold Rewards tables were updated as well even though no mention of that anywhere. For instance, Major Relics were previously not visible at any Tier but are now in the Tier IX table

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In the Kingdom Defense reward email:

OLD: “Unfortunately, your kingdom was unable to defeat its attacker.”

NEW: “Unfortunately, your kingdom was unable to defeat its attacker, which has resulted in reduced rewards.”

Also, on the Kingdom Defense rewards graphic in-game,

Clear as mud.

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It would be really great to understand what reduced is intended to mean.

We now have an even worse system than before. Fantastic


Currently, we have been gathering the feedback from the latest update and sharing this with the rest of the team. This includes feedback mentioned here about the reduced rewards for those who do meet the requirements for the Silver/Gold rewards at that tier.

Just in relation to the changes to the Reward table and text, @OminousGMan mentioned that we would be updating this shortly after they had posted

But in the process of updating this text and confirming players had been receiving the accurate rewards for not defeating the defense battle, the team discovered that Major relics were not included in the reward table for Tiers V - XX which have since been added in with the change to the text.

Apologise for not communicating this sooner, unfortunately, some of the team are out this week and this fell through.

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