Kingdom Defense Tiers XII and XIII have the same Silver/ Gold rewards as Tier XI, but are harder to achieve

The more I thought about this the more bothered I became and I think it is more appropriately categorized as a “bug” because I’d like to give the developers the benefit of the doubt that this was an error and not intended:


Confirmed that Tier XIV has different award values which in my view means that the repetition in Tiers XI, XII, and XIII are indeed a mistake:

Looking forward to a response from anyone, even Bueller.

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Any possibility of at least acknowledgement that this warrants looking into?

Would it help if i had someone else report these issues? Feels like im getting the cold shoulder.

Cross sharing!

Well I really hope that this “review” happens soon because the situation currently is simply befuddling.

Take this scenario for example:

So we could defeat this Tier XIII boss but to what end? Yes, we would get 130 gems (more than the 120 gems from focusing on Tier XII) but we are likely to lose against Tier XIV as its currently beyond our reach. As of right now 15 people qualify for at least a Silver Reward, but now we have to think about whether we would be better off just losing this round so that we can drop back to Tier XII and then perhaps even more people could qualify. The fact that we are even considering this is because the rewards tables are exactly the same between Tier XI, XII, and XIII except for a few potential shards. How can that be intended? You have to jump from 8.5 million total damage to 17.5 million total damage just to get a tiny bump in chances for something that matters?



Just posting this here again for visibility because of how frankly unfair it is to essentially have to do more for the same benefit. And as explained before, if you purposefully stay back at let’s say Tier XI, more people miss out because its hard to micromanage damage to just do enough for rewards, therefore the boss dies too quickly if you have some stronger damage dealers. If you maximize your damage based on players abilities, you could be clearing Tier XIII, but then even more people miss out because of the stratification of damage leaving too many players missing the very high thresholds for individual rewards.

It’s a daily mental beating for something that should be fun and rewarding as a team effort.