Update 1.5 Patch Notes

That is the hope!
But we will post the patch notes again in advance before release & this will include a release date window rather than a specific date, like we have in the past.


What about roadmap for 2023? :upside_down_face:

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Working on it as I type this reply.


Is the skip button new when opening chests? I feel like it hasn’t been there before. Although it’s not in the patch notes as far as my searching went. In any case:

I find myself pressing the skip button three times before it activates when opening chests. There seems to be a lag between its showing and you being able to press it. It would be nice if you were able to press it the moment it’s displayed on the screen.


I second this. I also don’t recall when this became available but noticed it about 3-4 days ago and was excited to see it. I have the same experience; I end up pressing the button multiple times so I gave up on it.

Personally I would like to continue to recommend my feedback that I have been offering for months and months: Do away with the “unfurling” list of of items and instead have one reveal with a screen that shows an “inventory list” of your items, viewable all in the same screen. Include a Salvage all button to quickly dispose of unwanted items. Do whatever you can to minimize the amount of time opening a chest as this is a huge time sink that adds no value to the experience.


Hi @Jeto, I honestly don’t understand this answer in regards to the issue that was created in Update 1.5 with scoring. As we have detailed, the issue is that turn 1 wins via skulls generate a higher score than generating mana in turn 1 to power spells and then having to wait until your next turn (which is turn 3 vis-a-vis scoring) to potentially defeat the enemy. With the elimination of chip damage (which would have possibly given you a similar timing win condition as skulls) and the change in starting mana, that means the only viable strategy to maximize scoring is a build/matchup that relies on starting board skulls to defeat your enemy. This result simply shifts the previous issue of a narrow maximizing score win condition from one build (starting match with full mana spells) to another build (items which maximize the number of potential skulls on the staring board).

Can you explain how your response addresses this issue?

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@Jeto FYI, in my view this minion is not working properly. The ability states that it “Heals 1x Armor and Resistance”. Generally, “1x” refers to the multiple to apply to the sum of Minion Level, Mastery, and Power to derive the value. This can be somewhat inconsistent in past patch notes but other minions that heal armor/life/resistance have a similar 1x value (see below).

This minion however seems to have a 0.1x multiple instead of the listed 1x multiple. Here are my currently equipped stats for this minion:

This is an extract from my minion calculator to validate the stats of minions based on inputs:

As you can see with my equipped stats and Heal value, the multiple being applied is only x0.1.

As mentioned, there are 3 other minions that have heal values (increasing armor/life/resistance) and they generally have x1.0 or x0.5


Meanwhile I have no idea or care what any minions do. lol I say this with no irony! Someone buy Sib a taco. Fighting the good fight! Also… what’s a minion again? (that’s for the devs.)


I appreciate both posts, the one from Sibelios and Tresks one. But the wage is on Tresks side with big thanks to Sibelios work here.

As long as minions don’t do anything in the game (to open chests doesn’t count, really!) Sibelios’ work IS NOT honored in any way from devs side; this is fact and for sure not only my opinion.

Many players are more than skilled enough to avoid minion actions in PvP so it’s like Tresk stated: what’s a minion again?

Really, after nearly 2 years so many aspects could have been changed (to the better), minions could have been one thing from the list. And what happened? → N O T H I N G


You never know when certain aspects of the game change. Perhaps minions will be more useful later and then we wont be having to bug fix a bunch of them all at once when people are paying more attention.

Firewalker’s necklace essentially didn’t work for nearly two years but now it’s a really helpful piece of gear (now that it’s fixed!)


Unsure if this is fixed in 1.5.5 (similar to the skull stun softlock).

  • Enemy matching Player Shaman’s Juju Gems to make a row from generated Big III gems and stunning the player results in a soft-lock.

*Restarting the game to re-enter the battle instance resolved the softlock.

Strange that the player’s and opponent’s armor changed on restart, and the state of the board:thinking:

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Just an assumption - after being stun, it’s enemy’s turn again. The moves it made have happened, but were not seen because of the restart. It looks like it matched the 5 purple match (3rd column), 4 red match (6th column), and not sure what else. Further confirmation of the taken turn is the regeneration drop from 24 to 23, disappearance of heroic effort and it explains the lower armor because, outside of PVP, enemies attack without matching skulls.

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Hrmm… that sounds right.

So it sounds like, off-camera, the stun resolved on start-up before the game board appeared. The opponent moved the board, auto-attacked, and it looks like I successfully blocked the attack. Turn passed because (as you mentioned) Stun/Heroic/Haste/Regen ticked a turn and most effects correctly expired.

Still scratching my head though regarding the enemy taking ~14k Armor damage though in the turn I was stunned. I don’t wear any reflective gear in my normal PvE setup. I wonder though… did the game somehow auto-attack on my side while off-camera? 14k is too high for normal player auto-attack damage, but if the game considered the Heroic Effort buff on the auto-attack (if that happened), then that damage total might be possible for an unblocked attack with a 50 Weapon? I don’t think there’s any way to prove that though outside of a dev checking the log of the battle, if that’s even possible without a error code to point to the battle in question?

True story. And I hope you took my tongue-in-cheek comment in the spirit intended. That being… you do so much number crunching and work for this game. Everyone owes you at least a taco, if not a year supply. Seriously. Thank you for all of it.

And I want to believe minions will someday matter. But the food/chest thing made them largely irrelevant there. And the only other place they almost matter is pvp, where they also do not matter.

I think a big fix for minions would be to not have any relics needed for ascending them. Lord knows I have more minion glyphs than Dog right now. I could conjur a gram of excitement about that if I could ascend those loveable worthless beasts without a relic.

Minions will never ever ever matter in pvp unless they completely revamp it. So their main reality is opening chests. They are removing chests from story, and late gamers have food out the wazoo. So… ummmm… what’s a minion again? Besides that place where my glyph draws go to die? lol


Grabbing what I can from here all at once :sparkles:

This should be fixed in 1.5.5!

I shared your screenshots & description with the team @Lyrian and they believe this is related to a soft lock after stun issue that has been resolved in 1.5.5 as well, but will keep an eye out in case this is not the same thing.

In regards to general comments on Minions, we do have plans for reworking them. More information on that to come!


This would likely be an impossible nightmare to balance, but minions we could equip for buffs in non pvp battles, are a daydream of mine. Maybe even toned down to a % chance to proc the buff, based on level. Anyway, probably way too hard to do at this point, but I can dream!

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This punched me right in the gut

stares at pile of 30+ minion glyphs in contempt


Minion glyphs are good for upgrading seasonal minions to get extra seasonal currency from completing the legendary minion goals. That’s how I use mine


Pre 1.5 break time

Dev 1: Oi, we’re gonna be flat out like a lizard drinkin’–see what’s comin’?

Dev 2: Can’t be as bad as “reduce clicks” bit, cannit?

Dev 1: Crikey, I hope not. Bit of a dog’s breakfast that.

Dev 1: So where ya reckon we put the AP toggle?

I’m not even sure if it’s worth worrying about as I use timer only for pvp (and if I forget to click click click click click and toggle back to AP after PVP).


I’ve already been caught out a few times switching from autoplay in AP mode then doing stuff forgetting that I’m not in my usual play style of timer mode.

It definitely is a chore switching between them

Maybe it’s a good idea to put that AP/timer option in the battle tab instead?

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