1.5 Spell & Gear Fixes

Hey everyone,

There is a range of small fixes we are about to push! Here is a list of the changes made;

  • Lightbringers Treads
    Triggers when the exact amount of gems is on the board

  • Lightbringer’s Blade
    Fixed created gems to match the weapon’s color

  • Ray of Light
    Heal correctly now only triggers if you have haste
    Fixed description text

  • Sword of Light
    Fixed incorrect gems being used for calculation
    Fixed description text

  • Beam of Light
    Fixed cast target
    Fixed description text

  • Burst of Light
    Fixed description text

  • Dragonrealm Ring
    Now uses Lightbringer’s Relic
    Fixed ability description text

  • Lightbringer III
    Now correctly applies Power bonus against Dragons of Light enemies
    Reworded from ‘Season 1.5 enemies’ to ‘Dragons of Light’ enemies

  • Fixed Dragons of Light enemy tags