May: Server push (fixes to issues)

Ahoy, adventurers! I have a quick update for you…we’ve pushed some changes to the server to fix a few issues. Please note that this is not a Game Update - we’ve got some bigger changes with a Game Update coming later.

All you’ll need to do is restart your game to see the following things fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where using a Loot Ticket on Dungeons would not give a Dungeon chest
  • Fixed issue with Spear not calculating correct Critical Damage bonus per gem correctly.
  • Fixed issues with spell text not showing values in description correct, such as the “Channel Element” spells and Pure Venom.
  • Fixed an issue with Dragonguard Helm not giving correct starting mana. Also clarified its functionality in the description.
  • Improved the descriptions of many other Item Abilities
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Finally! I’ve got like 30 of them saved up from the VIP pass, this’ll be fun.

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I don’t have 30, so I’m going to wait until you confirm this bug is definitely fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just tested it, and it is.

Pro tip, make sure you clear the desired dungeon up to Difficulty X first, if you can, before you start spending tickets. You get more food, gold, and (I would presume but can’t confirm this) rare drops that way.

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Could someone confirm what happened to the Dragonguard Helm - what is “correct”? I salvaged my helms for being useless hence I can’t figure out whether this patch changed that. Still states “Gain 6 Start Mana for each color spell equipped”.

Did this for Skirmishes already, but thanks for the reminder. Now Bone Rings are nerfed, is there a best Dungeon for rare+ loot?

Here’s my list:

  • Elven Charm (Chapter 13) plus a red or yellow Savior’s Staff (Chapter 3) lets you infinitely cast spells I think.
  • Dwarven Hammer (Chapter 2) is cool if you get one that’s on-color.
  • Royal Longsword (Chapter 2) casts a big damage spell when you match a lot of gems, if you had one then just running quadruple Channel would probably be viable.
  • Guard’s Broadsword (Chapter 1) gives +power when matching colored gems, after looping a bunch it probably becomes insane.

You can also farm for spells:

  • Green: Channel Poison (Chapter 1)
  • Blue: Channel Ice (Chapter 13)
  • Purple: Channel Darkness (Chapter 7) or Darkness (Chapter 15)
  • Red: Channel Fire (Chapter 4)
  • Yellow: Channel Light (Chapter 10). Smite is probably the best spell in the game but you can’t farm it specifically.

And Tacet has a list of best item per slot

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Coin bonus of merchant is still white, not cyan.

Has anyone checked yet if Rare is 24 starting mana? I scrapped mine long ago and somehow got Blue Tome for PvP before a single Dragonguard Helm rare+ of any color dropped, lol.

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Note that this does NOT count the storyline first clear reward but I believe this is intentional.

If the storyline first clear not dropping a dungeon specific chest is intentional this would be good to make clear.

At least in my guild folk are proud when they pass a dungeon as they are hard for early players and they try to get this hard to obtain chests and often complained about the random common drop in it. I had the feeling that for some this turned them off of the game as they also invested in evives et cetera. Something to consider between balance and player retention.

You had me at

Seriously… this was a big deal. Super groovy to see it fixed.


It’s intended that you don’t earn an Dungeon Chest the first time you complete a Dungeon in the Story in Chapter 1. Mentally noted to consider if there is a way to make this clearer…

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Yeh it makes sense. Technically that’s a NORMAL battle that include dungeon mechanic, not an actual dungeon battle.

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Hi @Cyrup,

There is a conflict/inconsistency with one of the changed item descriptions:

Regarding the Savior’s Belt,

Updated description in-game:

Versus, current in-game behavior:

Which is the correct behavior for the belt? +5 gold per yellow match, or +5% coin bonus cumulatively for each yellow match made during a skirmish/dungeon run?

Bloodfang Shield still has the text description for Bloodfang Shoulders.