Changes to Dungeon Chests and Elite Tourneys

Hey there adventurers!

We have made a couple of changes which will come into effect today and tomorrow!

Today we have made some changes to the Chests earned in Dungeons :

  • Wooden Chests will no longer be given as rewards from Dungeons
  • You will now get higher rarity Chests from Dungeons
  • There is an increased chance to find Relics and Crystals from Dungeons
  • Iron Chests from Dungeons will now drop Runes, Scrolls, Relics and Crystals. Iron Chests earned outside of Dungeons remain unchanged.

As of tomorrow (00:01am GMT Tuesday morning) there is a change to Elite Tourneys :

  • You will no longer be restricted by the use of a single weapon, but now a group of weapons instead. The Groups of Weapons are the same found in the Daily Bounties:
    • Battleaxe, Hammer, Maul
    • Spear, Sickle, Flail
    • Wand, Orb, Tome
    • Broadsword, Longsword, Mace

Glad to see this, should have happened a while ago. Of course, me being a glass half-empty kind of person, it would be nice if this number was quantified. Given that the previous rate was about 0.1% from eligible chests, an increased chance could be 0.2%. Let’s hope its a bit more generous!


Poor Staff, Twinblade, and Bow. No Love! :sob:


Great to see a patch that doesn’t do anything bad for once. Just need around 10+ more updates like this. XD

Hopefully this means it takes less than 3 years now to max all followers.

Still no glyph love though? :frowning:


It’s a good news any way! Thanks!)

We wanted to push these changes as soon as possible and not leave them for the next update. Thank you for your feedback regarding Dungeon Chests and Elite Tourneys. <3


One thing is fixed…but what about the other ten squintillion things that are still busted about this game?

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Great!Thumb up for devs!!!

Excellent news! Thanks for expediting these, rather than waiting for 37. Much appreciated!

These all look like positive changes, but I’m really hoping there will be a bit more to this next update given it is about 4 weeks since we got 0.36 and all the feedback that has generated.

  • Lack of ore to run followers.
  • Difficulty spike - players unable to advance through the story/unlock citadel.
  • Expectation to have multiple levelled Epic pieces when the reality is you won’t have found one, or the shards to level it, or lack the relics to evolve a Rare.
  • Duration of battles.
  • Time it takes to play the daily content.
  • Equipment abilities didn’t scale at all with the rebalance
  • Spells are now relatively much weaker while simultaneously being hit with higher cost to cast and slower mana generation from matches.

0.36 has turned this into something of a slog and we’re waiting for the update that either adds the parts of the rebalance that were left out of 0.36, or addresses the feedback from it.

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I’ve been running a few dungeons runs today and here are some stats:

  • Played in Clockwork Halls - a few difficulty I and the rest on hard because the rest just takes too long now sigh - the last 20ish runs were made during party runs.
  • 68 runs - 32 iron chests - 25 gold chests - 10 ruby chests - 1 diamond chest
  • got 1 Adhakus’s Crystal after 24 runs in a ruby chest lvl 55 dungeon
  • got a 2nd Adhakus’s Crystal after 39 runs (in total) again in a ruby chest but lvl 35 this time (since lvl 50 dungeons level and chests are still bugged)
  • I haven’t seen any relic at all :frowning:

I wasn’t able to play more for now but our suspicions are that followers’ crystals could drop for the followers in the chapters they were introduced in (2 is definitely not enough to disregard some kind of coincidence though…)


Got a lot of people farming up those dungeons right now. In the immortal words of someone I respect greatly:


I thought you already did this…

Our next update will address a few issues that the community has been communicating.

  • We are looking into the difficulty spike.
  • We are looking into the increase in time taken to play daily content
  • Relics will have more availability to help with upgrading

We are also looking more broadly at balancing again, and will be addressing this further as we move into world wide release.


So you are saying there is an “increased chance”. But what was the chance before?

Given this evidence, Relics from Dungeons never ever lived up to “small chance” that was pitched even into 0.36 with this:

So obviously I’m ecstatic to hear about an “increased chance”. But does that mean that the drop rates have improved?

Interesting! So theoretically, the drop rates could have remained the same but the “increased chance” could be the result of Wooden Chests being removed and Iron Chests supposedly being included in the eligible chests. Given the fact that no one has yet communicated that they have found a Relic, it’s beginning to feel like this is the more likely scenario. I hope that’s not the case.


Weapon consolidation huzzah.
Increased drops, huzzah.

Increased drops = 0.1 % to 0.2% !

What about glyphs though? Relics could be made as common as runes/scrolls, and it would make no difference if the glyphs to go with it aren’t added.


Seriosuly even if I wanted to pay for them (if there cost was reduced) I have only seen 2 in the store since the patch. This is with 1 to 3 store refreshes a day.

I have never seen an accessory glyph…not sure if they exist.

I will say I have received a glyph via a tournament in tier 6 or 7 which bodes well.

This is so true. Glyph access has to be addressed as well.