Server Push 10th May 2022 - Small Fixes and Improvements

Hey adventurers,

Today we’ve deployed a few changes and fixes to Puzzle Quest 3.

  • Dungeon chests (for all dungeons, including main story and seasonal) have had some changes made to their drop rates. They will contain slightly less gear, runes, and scrolls, and slightly more relics and shards.

  • Random shards awarded at the end of quest parts will now no longer include Minion Shards.

  • The Shield of Anthrite will have its flavor text.

  • Using Loot Tickets in Skirmishes and Dungeons now count towards Goals or Tasks from the Tavern, Seasons and Quest Pass relating to winning a Skirmish or Dungeon battle

Thank you all for your feedback on the new update so far. We have another small hotfix coming soon so keep an eye out for that one too!


This all looks like good news

How do we know we have the active hotfix?

Any chance that loot tickets used on the Seasons pass to date will count retroactively**? Or just from now on?

EDIT I mean that they should have counted towards the Season Bank too

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Heard this one before! :joy:

Despite repeated mentions of relics being somehow easier to earn from Chests, it has never really been true. At this point after this many “increases” it should be noticeable right? Why should anyone believe this yet again? Challenges are the only area of the game (as discussed above in the 0.36 Patch Notes quote) where you actually earn relics of any quantity through gameplay. Please stop saying that you are increasing chances for Relics from Chests and actually do it so that it feels apparent. Make this come true!

With the continued limited availability of glyphs, this issue persists in creating a crushing twin bottleneck that is a hard progress wall on any development past gear level 35 and essentially ensures that multi-character development as well as supposed goals in the Season Pass can’t even be met by anyone but those with the deepest of pockets.

On a positive note, this is a good change. And an evident one! (EDIT: see post below, not 100% evident!)


Ominous did use the word deployed. So I read that is it was active before this post was made. As it’s serverside your game should be using this new info. Possibly restart your game in case it grabs data from the server on startup that is used locally, (Not sure if this is necessary or not)

This should probably have it’s own thread but I’d love to see the drop rates published for the chests. Just like the drop rates have been published for the caches in the season 1.1 rewards.


Why do they not count towards the Season Bank when it states “Winning Season Battles deposits” … if these are now counting towards Goals, seems like it should count towards bank as well.


I have asked the team about Loot Tickets counting towards the Seasonal Bank, once I hear back from them I’ll update.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Im still holding my tickets cause wins dont count for the bank :frowning:

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After playing around for a week with the new Dungeon chest drops, I’m scratching my head a bit.

For the most part, Dungeon chests have lost their identifying characteristics over Skirmish chests.

While the super egregious Mythic rune/scroll drop rates have been dialed back a bit (they are still bad though and Diamond chests full of nothing but Mythic runes/scrolls do still occur just less frequently), relics still have too small of a drop rate to even matter. If one should appear, it can be chalked up to nothing more than very lucky statistical variance outside of an expected zero drop rate.

Shards drop a lot now from Dungeon chests. Great and all that, but then why play Skirmishes at all now?

One step further, and perhaps Lyranica said it best to me over the weekend as a question. If relics still realistically do not exist from Dungeon chests and Dungeon chests are now functionally similar enough to Skirmish chests, then why play either mode at all instead of just doing Hunts for guaranteed bonus chests as normal chest drops are now functionally the same and both types show up in every Hunt?

Maybe there’s a puzzle piece here related to 1.2 with the kingdom rework (GoW style resource black hole tasks/goals?) that players on the client side can’t see yet that would make sense of these changes?

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Agreed. I’ve been trying to see if there has been a noticeable difference in relic drops, and thus far, I was actually luckier (I suppose) before the update.

The big thing I’ve noticed for me, is a lot less set item drops from dungeons.

Too bad we couldn’t get drop percentages for each chest rarity from Skirmish/Hunt/Dungeon either in game, or at least put here so everyone has an idea of what to expect. It would also help greatly if the Devs would post the actual differences between chest levels - like relic tier differences, consumable multipliers, etc

Hey Jeto,
Any update on this ?

I’ve got nothing but Food, Ores and Shards from seasonal dungeon for 2 days straight.
I wish whoever made this change get his salary paid in Shards instead of money.

I’ve been meaning to post about this as well. In the past, Gold Chests would always have at least 1-2 upgradable items (e.g. gear, minion, etc) but often i’m seeing Gold Chests, especially Seasonal chests having extra ore/food, well beyond what these chests normally have (and to the extent that you do get an item, it is more likely to be a minion more than anything else) …

This is a series of screencaps I took of a Seasonal Diamond Chest, Level 80. Gold, 3 runes/scrolls, Ore, and Food. Not a single Gear, Item, or Spell. This is a huge change from the composition of normal dungeon Diamond chests and to me is a stealth nerf designed to inhibit players’ ability to attain items and meet goals in the Season Pass. This is really unacceptable behavior honestly.

EDIT: Hey, let’s track this!

5/15/2022 (all Level 80)
Iron Chests: 7 total, contents: gold, food, ore, shards, runes/scrolls
Gold Chest: Gold (0!), Food (0!), 1x Epic Scroll, 1x Legendary Rune
Gold Chest: Gold, Food, Ore, Scroll, 1x Rare Gravel Worm


Shards? Weren’t shards removed from dungeon chests sometime ago? Confused

With relics it is probably a good change, however if you increased a chance for relic from 0,01% to 0,02% we won’t notice it anyway. With the ammount of relics needed this is all crappy chance anyway. And beside - I did drop few relics before this change already from dungeon chests, however they were all Tier I relics - so… who cares? I believe I dropped more follower stones than relics this way anyway :smiley:

I vote we now remove gear/minion/spell drop from Skirmish. We could also delete food and runes/scrolls - but probably I now wish for impossible :smiley:

One important thing - CAN WE HAVE CHANGELOG OR PATCHNOTES SENT BY EMAIL IN THE GAME? I had it in many mobile games I played before and it was always easy accessible for everyone then.

The only part of this that seems to hold true is less items and more shards. Heres another lovely example of a Level 70 Dungeon Chest, Ruby this time, since these “improvements”:

A rune is showing up as the last item in the chest, a place previously only yielding an upgradeable item, like gear, or spells. Runes and scrolls never appeared in this last spot until these changes which means that you are clearly getting more runes/scrolls, not less. Also, as it has been pointed out, why have shards back in dungeon chests. The whole idea was to give value to Skirmishes and at least from my perspective, make it easier for players to acquire specific gear from dungeons. These changes undo all of that and are a clear worsening of the game, not an improvement.

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Since I’ve also noticed a difference in chest drops, I decided to notate my seasonal chest drops from yesterday. Now that they are all open, here is the data

3 Iron Chests - 1 Seasonal Minion

3 Gold Chests - 1 Seasonal Spell

1 Ruby Chest - 1 Seasonal Equipment

2 Diamond Chests - 1 Seasonal Equipment

1 minion, 1 spell, and 2 equipment for a day isn’t absolutely terrible, but I’m also getting 3x the chests that a normal player gets.

Edit: All chests were from Seasonal Dungeon

Iron chest lvl 100 - gold, food, ore, common khazdhuli helm
Iron chest lvl 60 - gold, ore, lesser shards
Gold chest lvl 60 - gold, ore, legenday scroll, major shards
Gold chest lvl 40 - gold, ore, legendary rune, common gold sense spell

^ This here would make a GREAT discussion topic to get as many voices/perspectives on this point as possible. Would you be interested in starting one in the feedback section? (Anyone can do this, I could do it but I think it’s nicer when a player starts these discussions).

I have thoughts on this as a player myself (to be honest, my opinion differs from yours as I find the Gear easy to get and the evo items less so, so this update makes sense to me and has been making my life easier) and I wonder how many players have the same/differing opinions on it to either of us, particularly players of varying levels. The game isn’t designed based on my lonely opinion, so don’t worry about that haha CX always takes feedback directly from the community itself when it comes to things like drop rates.

Because drop rates are such a hot topic it would be great if we could get more players involved, maybe even guildies who aren’t as frequent forum users if anyone is interested in starting that discussion on the boards here and asking their Guilds to share their thoughts there if they want to.

Genuinely interested in more nuanced feedback and hearing from as many different people as possible on the topic as the more detailed we can be and the larger the pool of qualitative data we can draw from the better representation we can give the community regarding a topic like this.

If a discussion is started I’ll give my thoughts as a player too as I know sometimes it can be intimidating posting in a community when there’s a bunch of hardcore players all very passionately asking for the same thing and we want an open discussion for everyone. Would love to see the number of voices we have here grow in general as well obviously. Not that there’s anything wrong with our regulars, appreciate you all and all that you’re contributing here <3 would just love to see even more regulars! :slight_smile:

We’ll also talk to the team about the possibility of showing drop rates on all chests but I can’t promise anything at this time obviously as I need to have that discussion with everyone first. We know this has been requested for awhile.


I honestly have no idea what this means. If you need shards, you did skirmishes. If you needed item drops, you did dungeons. That worked pretty well! Why do dungeons if you are not after the gear? Also, what evo items are you talking about? the update supposedly made Evo items like runes/scrolls less yet it actually doesn’t seem that way, and supposedly made Evo items like relics more but it actually doesn’t seem that way. (EDIT: as an aside, if you all really wanted to make life easier, then you would make Runes & Scrolls downgradeable because its absolutely infuriating trying to target Epic Runes/Scrolls while you end up with plenty of other Runes/Scrolls that you don’t need). How exactly has your life been made easier? Explain.

I interact with dozens of players every day through the community and through our guilds. Honestly I think I probably hear more feedback on an average day than you. Most people don’t post here because they feel like they are talking into a black hole, not because they are being drowned out by persistent voices like mine or others. You talk about wanting to expand the community of voices. Perhaps make interaction more of a regular thing both in the game and on this forum. It’s been stated multiple times that the level of interaction here is poor. I have literally advocated for many people to come give their voice here and I’m often met with responses like, what difference does it make, no one is listening or paying attention anyways.

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@Kafka, please feel free to have the developers articulate exactly the changes that were made rather than this oblique BS that means nothing.

Also, why would any player want less of the items and more of the generic things they can farm elsewhere from Seasons Chests?

Also, since you want engagement, explain this:

What is the drop rate of a relic? What should players take away from any of these past statements? What does these statements even mean? Was your life made easier by any of these past statements? Please quantify.