Update 1.2 - The Broken Tree

Thank you for the update.

I am confused about bazaar tiers still though. Do they reset at some point? Does it change the prices or quality of sales?

Bazaar Tiers reset daily and your Kingdom can go up one Tier a day (at daily reset).

These are rewards for making purchases in the Kingdom Bazaar.

For example, if 5 players make a purchase at the end of the day everyone in the Kingdom receives a Wooden Key.
The next day to progress to Tier II, 10 offers will need to be redeemed to be rewarded the 300 Gold.
And so on…

The Deals themselves that you can purchase will increase in quality with Tier, for example, Superior Shards are only available in higher Tier Deals. This quality increase caps out at Tier X, from which point the Deals will remain at roughly the same quality.
The price is not affected by the Tier level.

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That bonus is too powerful, especially in PvP. It ruins whatever balance we have now between classes, because it will allow red and purple oriented classes to win on turn zero, without touching the board.
There was similar imbalance during early access, do you really want to bring that back? It has been discussed recently in this thread: Gamer's PvP morale
Please consider giving the helm a different bonus.


I’ve just done a quick edit on one line of the patch notes under the Bazaar section:

Old line:
“If it succeeds, tier rises, else it fails”

New line:
“If enough purchases are made within the day, tier rises, else it fails”

Thank you for all the responses. Some further thoughts:

I think this is definitely needed. Anyone who logs in late will occasionally miss rewards (you figure once your kingdom reaches the average Boss level it can defeat/almost defeat, some people will miss out on rewards every other day)

Ah, missed that, thank you.

Please do. I’m absolutely shocked that there is not an ongoing food/gold sink similar to another game that I can’t mention on here because this is not that game. Even if it provided modest additional rewards, we should be able to do something with constantly recurring base currencies especially given its extreme abundance, otherwise whats the point of it as a medium of exchange? Just give us any items denominated in gold and food and be done with it.

Thank you very much for the table. Honestly the gold reward is almost a punishment because again, gold is pretty much a dead currency for any regular player. Furthermore, most kingdoms are going to settle in a range of rewards. This situation where certain kingdoms will always be getting greater shards, or getting superior shards is yet another reasons why shards need to be downgradable. Finally, having things in the kingdom bazaar still denominated in gems/Crowns is really dissatisfying. Can you please pass this along? It would be nice if that was confined to Daily Deals.


@Jeto, can you or someone from CX confirm whether or not Loot ticket use on Seasons Battles now count towards the Seasons Bank? Personally, I would advise anyone against paying money for Seasons Pass if they are required to fight every single battle to optimize gem rewards. It’s very tedious after 60 days. Please say this has been fixed?

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Having purchased the season pass This+1000
Tedious is a very accurate description

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Especially, after the previous round of mana generation adjustments to prevent Turn 0 PvP wins.

Though, a low-hanging fruit solution to solve this issue should be rather simple to implement. Apply the normal 80% cap to starting mana totals and problem solved without any more equipment adjustments. Prevents Turn 0 wins, while allowing the player who wishes to specialize in speed to be within one 3-match from the start of the match from firing spells.

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This significantly impacts classes like Shaman whose Ultimate includes an enemy debuff. I understand stuff like Wither and Poison not being applicable but consideration should be made for fundamental class mechanics otherwise they are worse off relative to others vs these kingdom bosses.


Hrmm… good point.

Will have to test that out later today when the first dragon spawns and probably dies very, very quickly.

Can you confirm if this means the Kingdom bosses are on a 22 hour cycle or a 40 hour cycle? The in game text says “Every few days, a new Boss will attack your Kingdom”.

EDIT: Killed Tier I Boss, timer shows less than 22 hours until the next attack so we have our answer. The in game text should be reconsidered since it equates to daily, not “every few days”.

For me the most positive change of this upgrade is the gear space increase.
Most negative and totally surprised I was about the devaluation of food. There is nearly nothing where it can be used for. As a consequence and with respect to the new bazaar system we cannot get marks by this. So the only source for marks is now events. But by events wec cannot get enough marks to buy crystal and relics as rewards.
So please consider to replace the gold in your bazaar table by marks!


Tier 1 dragon died way too fast to test whether Bad Juju stuck on it or not. I don’t think it did, but the dragon had so few HP that the spell one-shotted it.

However, the dragon’s spells charged up so fast that I don’t think that there is going to be sufficient time for a Shaman (or Merc for that matter) to build up any significant number of stacks of their Ultimate abilities before being auto-killed by the dragon. Maybe 5-6 turns max. Not sure if the 25% Spirit Shield would even be enough of a slowdown to actually matter.

I was able to buy a Northelm Crystal for food in the bazaar shop today which was a nice surprise. It remains to be seen how many food deals that will be in the bazaar though. IIRC the Crystal was 1,800 food but not sure.

I’m hoping when the enemies that attack your kingdom gets to a high enough level this won’t be a problem, but this morning the enemy was alreay defeated by the time I got up so I couldn’t compete for the silver and gold rewards attached to defeating the enemy. Given all the complaints about people missing out on the old bazaar this seems a little strange that the same problem has been introduced with the enemies that attack the kingdom.

The tier will escalate daily and that problem will quickly go away. Also the rewards you missed are paltry so its just a matter of waiting until the tier escalates to be in alignment with the kingdom capability, a couple of weeks at most. This was the same issue when they introduced events.

@Jeto, still hoping to get an answer to this question before Season 1.2 begins.

The problem wont entirely go away until you get to the boss that the guild cant defeat. Overkill should absolutely be a thing, otherwise it will constantly disadvantage some players.

In the end, likely those players who play the latest after the defense starts will always potentially be at a loss - I think it will actually get worse as the rewards for silver/gold get better.

The fix for the Loot Tickets has been resolved pre-v1.2 release!

The team tested this on an account set while the new Season is active and can confirm these are contributing to the Seasonal Bank.


Agreed 100%, hopefully it will be something implemented in the future.

Thank you for looking into this!